Skeletons in Trimex cupboard

Conversation between illegal mining mafias, former CBI Chief and a fixer points to money bags exchanged. Former Secretary, Government of India and a social activist E.A.S.Sarma brought Trimex, others to book, writes CHARANJIT AHUJA


When Tehelka (issue May 15) reported that illegal mining scam, plundering and export of atomic minerals to China was much bigger than the infamous coal block scam, little did we know that the lead will take us to former CBI Chief. The messages exchanged between Trimex Group CEO Pradeep Koneru, his representatives, India’s largest meat exporter Moin Qureshi and the then CBI Chief, AP Singh clearly show allegedly how huge money bags were exchanged to protect Trimex Group which is in the eye of storm for illegal mining. We reproduce for our readers extracts from the messages exchanged, copy of FIR and observations of Enforcement Directorate alluding references to huge bribes.

Pradeep Koneru to Moin Qureshi “Madhu Koneru, dad and I are in Delhi tomorrow. Can we meet boss”?

Moin Qureshi “Boss in Europe. Back 22nd”

Pradeep Koneru calls after few days “Got call from K’s office asking for your number. I have given 9711305614”

Moin Qureshi “Also give 9810035614”

Pradeep Koneru “Let us fix up in the afternoon to avoid boss being drunk by evening”

Moin Qureshi “2 pm Defence Colony”

Pradeep Koneru “Hyderabad dog is coming to Delhi. Dog going off tomorrow. Handing over charge to Arunachalam JD as Additional”

Pradeep Koneru “Dog is spreading all gossip around the boss is bad/all garbage ”

Moin Qureshi “OK will inform boss”

Moin Qureshi to AP Singh (then Director CBI) “Sir 500 words essay is good. Size of your jacket and shirt please”

AP Singh “500/ 40cm and 16 collar size”

Moin Qureshi “Dear sir Do I have to write Amar Pratap Singh IPS or without IPS for the stationery. Please confirm”.

Moin Qureshi to Aditay “What news Pradeep”

Aditay to Moin Qureshi “Process for 1 on the way”

Moin Qureshi “One more he told me two”

Aditay “Received 90 rest 10 tomorrow”

Moin Qureshi “Other one more”

Moin Qureshi “Pradeep one what happened”

Aditay “For mark hotel Pradeep work on way”

Moin Qureshi “One more getting today”

Aditay “On way”

Moin Qureshi “Received 1 from Pradip”

Aditay to Moin “Received 85 rest 15 to tomorrow morning. Can I pay 50 to Ram Bhai”

Aditay “Received 50 L from Pradip”

Aditay to Moin Qureshi “Received 1 from Gautam also. Received 50 from Pradip A/C. Wait for 20 is on the way”

Adity to Moin Qureshi “Received 50 from Pradip”

Moin Qureshi “OK”

Aditay to Moin Qureshi “Received 45 L rest tomorrow morning”

Aditay “Received 10 L Pradip”

Aditay “Received 15 L rest tomorrow”

Aditay to Moin Qureshi “Received 44.50 rest balance 35.50 tomorrow”

Aditay to Moin Qureshi “Done 1 for DBX”

Aditay to Moin Qureshi “Received 35.50 L final A/C”

Moin to AP Singh “Sir please look into the issue I spoke to you yesterday. I just got call from dial also to have it cleared Asap. Thanks”

AP Singh to Moin Qureshi “OK Let me know when you are coming. You may need to go through Shinde”

Enquiries reveal that an FIR was lodged on behalf of Arun Kumar, Assistant Director, Directorate of Enforcement, Delhi Zonal Office, MTNL building, JL Nehru Marg, New Delhi against Moin Akhtar Qureshi of AMQ Group of Companies, Aditya Sharma, an employee of Moin Akhtar Qureshi, Pradeep Koneru son of Rajendra Prasad Koneru, owners of Trimex Group of Companies, Hyderabad, AP Singh, Former Director, CBI and other unknown persons/public servants. Karnail Singh, Director of Enforcement, New Delhi vide letter No. DE(KS)/Misc/2016 forwarded a complaint of Investigating Officer, Arun Kumar, Directorate of Enforcement. He had stated in his letter that during the course of investigations under Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999, it was revealed that Qureshi had been indulging as a middleman for certain public servants and the analysis of records disclosed commission of cognizable offences.

The complaint of Investigating Officer Arun Kumar sought investigation by registering a case. The FIR points out that the complaint of Arun Kumar on being scrutinised, prima facie finds commission of offences under Sections 120-B of IPC read with Sections 8,9 and 13(2) read with 13(1) ofPC Act, 1988 against Pradeep Koneru of Trimex Group and others. Following this a regular case was registered and entrusted to Devinder Kumar, DSP, Special Investigation Team of CBI. The Superintendent of Police, CBI, Jagroop S.Gusinha sent a copy of FIR to Special Judge, CBI Cases, Patiala House Court, to Joint Secretary and CVO, DoPT, Secretary, CVC, Satarkata Bhawan, DIG, SIT, CBI New Delhi and others for necessary action.

A series of complaints have been filed within the last year by Dr. E.A.S Sarma, a retired Secretary, Government of India with various departments including the PMO praying that a “multi-agency task force including ED, CBI, Income Tax, DRI under the direct supervision of Prime Minister’s Office be set up to probe the illegal activities of Trimex Group and its promoters in consultation with Central Vigilance Commission and further directions be issued to Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change and Department of Atomic Energy.

The complaints have also sought that the sum of 1,295 crores be recovered from the Koneru family which has been siphoning off thousands of crores of their ill gotten money to their offshore companies. The 1,295.63 crore is the amount Vigilance and Enforcement Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh has found to have been siphoned off by Trimex through illegal mining over 304.40 acres of disputed land and illegal export of huge quantities of atomic minerals including Monazite to countries like China and Iran.