Scribes visa case: Chinese media warns India of dire consequences


538c00c1-44c4-4936-b18f-2bef10ea91acA day after news came forth that India expelled three Chinese journalists, China threatened India with “serious consequences” if it does anything to take “revenge due to the Nuclear Suppliers Group membership issue”.

Taking offense, the Chinese state-run media on July 25 threatened India with if it (refusal of visa extension) was linked to China’s refusal to support India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) bid, despite several countries, including the US and France, urging the group to allow India to enter it.

“If India is taking revenge due to the NSG membership issue, there will be serious consequences,” the editorial in the Global Times said.

The visas of the three Chinese journalists will expire by this month-end. The trio had sought an extension of their stay by a few months. “There were reports that India expelled the journalists because it believed they were mocking people to gain access to restricted areas and hence were a security threat in Delhi and Mumbai. Also, there were reports of meeting Dalai Lama,” stated the editorial.

Quoting its former Indian correspondent, Lu Pengfei, Global Times stated there is no need for Chinese journalists in India to conduct interviews under fake names. “The act has sent a negative message to China and communication between the two countries will be affected,” stated the editorial.