Netaji’s family members to express their “Mann Ki Baat” to PM Modi today


NetajiPrime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking of the event where he will be hosting the family members of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, at his residence, today, said that it would be an “honour” for him to do so. The family of the freedom fighter are expected to seek declassification of all the files related to Netaji, whose mysterious disappearance 70 years ago continues to be a point of contention.

The Prime Minister, speaking on of the event to be held today, described it as a very special day, in one of his tweets.

On September 20, during his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio program, PM Modi had said that, he would be receiving over 50 members from Netaji’s family at his residence, in October. “Over 50 members of Subhas babu’s family, from various countries, will be coming… I am happy to welcome them,” Modi said.

He had said that it would perhaps be the first time that the family members of Netaji would be together visiting the Prime Minister’s residence. “But the bigger happiness is for me as nobody in the Prime Minister’s residence would have got such a chance earlier as I will be getting in October,” he said.

Modi, recalling his meeting with a few members of Netaji’s kin, in Kolkata, during May, said, “I got an opportunity to spend some time with them. That day it was decided that the extended family of Subhas babu will visit the Prime Minister’s residence… Last week, I got confirmation that over 50 members of Subhas babu are coming to visit the Prime Minister’s residence.”

The West Bengal government had already released 64 classified files earlier in September of this year. The family members are expected to seek declassification of Netaji files, this time, in possession of the Centre.

Speaking to a news agency, Bose’s grand nephew, Chandra Bose, has said that, his family will appeal to Modi to write to countries like Russia, Japan, China, America, UK, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia, and request them to declassify all of Netaji ‘s files that are currently in their possession.

He said, the freedom fighter was in touch with people from all these countries. “They all have classified files relating to him. We want to take this movement of declassification to the global level to get all the clues,” he had said.

Abhijit Ray, another one of Netaji’s grand-nephew’s, had said that, their main focus, however, would be on declassification of all of  Netaji’s files held by the government of India. He asked, ” If we do not have our own files declassified, then how can we ask other nations to do it?”


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