Haryana govt. asks bureaucrats to stand while greeting MPs, MLAs


The Haryana Government has issued a circular reminding all its bureaucrats and officials that they need to stand up and show respect while meeting elected MPs and MLAs and that they should respond to any communication from them quickly.

“Any violation will leave the government servant concerned liable for appropriate punishment,” says the order from the Haryana Chief Secretary’s office.

The order came in wake of MPs complaint to Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar regarding bureaucrats’ non-cooperative behavior with them. Now, seeing this, the government has issued a circular, citing guidelines issued in 2011.

Anil Vij, a Haryana minister, confirmed that the circular was issued.

“The directions will not only lower the status of a civil servant but will also downgrade their rank,” a senior Haryana bureaucrat who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.

He added, “The duties which were given to the civil servants in these directions can be performed by a low-rank state government official. A senior officer will be wasting his valuable time [by] send[ing] and receiv[ing] the politicians, which will hit the common people and will be wastage of time and public money.”

The Haryana circular is essentially a repetition of one sent to the state government by the Department of Personnel and Training of the Centre on February 7.


An officer should be meticulously correct and courteous and rise to receive and see off a MP visiting him.

 Arrangements may be made to receive the MPs, when after taking prior appointment.

Arrangements may also be made to permit entry of vehicles of the members to these offices subject to security requirements/restrictions.

Officers have been asked to take special care to see that lawmakers are given enough notice on the time and place of the meeting.

The lawmakers have to be invited to all functions and have to be made comfortable.

Telephonic messages left by MPs and legislators in their absence should be taken seriously and the call, message or email should be returned soon.