Furore over Maggi : PMO steps in to sort out the Maggi muddle



With the controversy surrounding Maggi showing no signs of receding, the Prime Minister’s Office has sought a report on the Maggi issue. PMO officials  met the Union Health Secretary BP Sharma, to discuss the matter. Nestle India decided to take Maggi noodles off the shelves across the country. The product has been under scrutiny for high lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG) content. However, Nestle has maintained that Maggi is safe and there is some confusion around the product.

 Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand have so far banned the sale of the two minute noodles after concerns were raised over presence of MSG and lead beyond permissible levels in the product. Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand governments, banned the sale of Nestle’s instant noodles for three months, while in Gujarat the ban will be effective for one month after some samples of the fast food failed lab tests, officials said. In Jammu and Kashmir, the state government banned the sale for one month, till the receipt of reports over the fitness of the fast food for human consumption comes back positive. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are awaiting results of the tests done on samples of the noodles taken from the respective states, before taking any action. Delhi had banned the sale of the food item for 15 days.

 Meanwhile putting up a rather brave front amidst the crisis, Nestle India has decided to take Maggi noodles off the shelves after a controversy erupted over its contents, prompting several states to ban the ‘two-minute’ noodles. Asserting that the product was “completely safe”, the company in a statement  said, “Unfortunately, recent developments and unfounded concerns about the product have led to an environment of confusion for the consumer, to such an extent that we have decided to withdraw the product off the shelves…”

“We promise that the trusted MAGGI Noodles will be back in the market as soon as the current situation is clarified,” it added.


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