Zeeshan Ali Khan pays a price for being Muslim, denied job



In a shocking incident of racism an Export company, Hari Krishna Exports, based in Bombay has allegedly reverted back to an email application of a Muslim boy Zeeshan Ali Khan, saying that, “Thanks for your application. But we are sorry, we hire only Non-Muslims. “

Zeshan Ali Khan, a resident of Kurla, Mumbai, is a Master’s in Business Administration from DY Patil University, Maharashtra and was looking for a job with his other class mates. In this process he along with his other friends had applied for a job at the said company, Hari Krishna Exports. While the company called the other two candidates who are non-Muslims for training, Zeeshan was allegedly denied a job for being a Muslim. The email, which was sent to Zeshan was from careers. careers@dyhk.com . And the sender of the email is Dipka Tike from Human resource department of the company.

Zeeshan, while talking to Tehelka, expressed resentment over this incident of overt racism. He said, “This is the first time I have come across such an incident in this country in my 23 years of life. I have went to schools and colleges where children from others faith also studied with me. I never faced discrimination at their hand. But this is shocking! Our entire family and friends circle is shocked by this incident. Born in a secular Democracy, I had always felt equal with other before today. “His father Ali Ahmed khan is a businessman dealing in chemicals in Bombay.

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However, as the word spread on Social Media like fire, the Vice President HR Mahendra S Deshkmukh of the company reverted to Zeeshan with an apology and clarification than the company does not discriminate on the basis of religion and the earlier was an erroneous mistake on part of her colleague Dipika, who had just joined the company.
No one from the company could be reached for comments so far.

The link to the website of the company is here


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