Yogi Adityanath spews venom: Perform surya namaskar or die

Party poopers Yogi Adityanath
BJP MP Yogi Adityanath

The outspoken and fiery BJP MP from Gorkahpur, Yogi Adityanath, has once again sparked a row saying that, those who oppose Surya Namaskar should die in a fistful of water. Adityanath said “The sun has never discriminated against anyone. The intelligence of those opposed to surya namaskar is laughable.” He said that, those who oppose surya namaskar should drown themselves in the sea or they should be confined into a dark cell.”  Yogi Adityanath is known for giving controversial statements. Earlier, a video had surfaced, in which he is purportedly heard making an inflammatory speech about religious conversion of Muslim girls.

Apparently referring to a case from 2006, in which the Allahabad High Court had asked the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to inquire cases of religious conversion, the BJP MP is heard saying that he was anxious to go through the order.

“Why are Hindu girls marrying Muslim men? It should have been probed. But the Uttar Pradesh government couldn’t take a decision about the inquiry… We have decided that we will convert 100 girls of their religion if they convert one Hindu girl,” Adityanath purportedly says in the video. The Congress lashed out at Adityanath and said that yoga can’t be made compulsory for everyone.

Muslim Law Board opposed the implementation of yoga and surya namaskaar in schools, saying that, ‘surya namaskar was against the teachings of Islam and will launch a nationwide campaign against making ‘surya namaskar’ and yoga compulsory in schools. Board member Kamaal Farooqui said “Surya namaskar should not be made mandatory in government schools,” because Muslims bowed only before ‘Allah.’

The Modi government is set to observe International Yoga Day on June 21.


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