World Cup 2015 India vs Australia semifinals: MS Dhoni wins, India does not

Mahnedra Singh Dhoni , India cricket skipper
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India cricket skipper

While in the end it was India that defeated India at the ICC World Cup 2015, captain courageous MS Dhoni left an individual stamp uniquely his own, leading Mark Waugh to say that he was sorry that even a winner like MSD can end up being loser.

The statistically and ultra-nationally inclined will have their say, but let it be acknowledged that for all the faultlines displayed. Team India did much better than expected. The prelude to the cup Down Under was winless and disheartening, but the manner in which the turnaround took shape was exciting indeed. And it was the crusty and wise MSD who played anchor to the revival.

 The MSD story and what it represents has been oft-told and will remain alive for a few more bestsellers if not more. But let it be said that a lackadaisical side suddenly assumed serious cricketing dimensions largely because of the skipper. While against the Aussies only individuals and not the team seemed to assert themselves, the dream run through the competition was an answer to all those who despaired at the negatives before the tournament began, and that list includes this writer. We may not have unearthed any brand new match-winners, but the team persevered and did well enough.

 Although it could have been the one team that broke the myth of Aussie invincibility. One can even now say that the Black Caps have it in them to be champions, and Australia may still be piped at the veritable summit. The finals will still be keenly followed back here, as the Indian fan loves the underdog to rewrite tired scripts. Come on Black Caps, history beckons you!


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