Working Order

Cho Ramaswamy
Cho Ramaswamy
Age: 75
Profession: Sometime lawyer, actor, director. Now focuses on editing his journal Tughlaq
Life essentials: He can’t do without his daily half-hour afternoon nap Photo: Roy Sinai

CHO RAMASWAMY’S predilection for straight talking extends to himself. He’s turning 75 soon, but doesn’t see his being active as a big deal. “Perhaps it was unusual 30 years ago, but not nowadays”.

But few people probably have days as packed as his. He wakes up before six and drops his granddaughter to school before heading to the office for a gruelling 12 hour workday: editing, attending functions, meeting friends and contributors (even if, as he admits, he spends more time talking than writing). What keeps him going each day? “It’s just a job, that’s it,” he says drily, reminding us that what drives him is an unsentimental commitment to go out and do whatever needs to be done each day.