Women slam Muslim clerics over triple talaq in Lucknow



Activist Naish Hasan has been targeted on social media when she went against clerics who support ‘Talaq-e-Biddat,’ (triple talaq) as an unchangeable personal law of Muslim community.

She along with other similar sufferers had burnt the effigy of Muslim clerics despite heavy police deployment in Lucknow.

Naish’s counter arguments had provoked the wrath of orthodox Muslims, who wrote vulgar, cheap and defamatory comments on her Facebook page.

Despite opposition from such elements, she is at hand to provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence and triple talaq.

Naish told Tehelka, “I have faith in my religion, but I am against its misrepresentation. Shariat law relating to triple talaq is not a recognised practice under Quran and hence not binding in nature.”

Perhaps that is why, most Islamic countries have either banned or abolished the provisions of triple talaq from their personal law of Shariat, considering it the worst form of subjugating a woman.

Referring to Shah Bano case, she said, “The movement, which picked up during the Shah Bano case, was again put on the backburner due to Congress’ abject surrender to reactionary forces. This time, we are more aware and organised. We support Shayra Bano case and hope for justice this time.”

Echoing similar sentiments, an Aligarh Muslim University alumnae Tahira Hasan quoting Quran verses, said even Prophet Mohammad never approved the method of triple talaq. She deplored the practice as even many Islamic countries have banned it.

She questioned when a Quazi and witnesses are present during a Nikah, why are they absent in talaq. She said why only women are subjected to such atrocities? Don’t we live in a secular democracy, which gives equal rights to both men and women irrespective of caste, creed or religion,” she asked.

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