Woman Researcher terms RK Pachauri’s elevation ‘shameless’


Rajendra PachauriDespite the ongoing inquiry in a sexual harassment case against the former chief of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) ,RK Pachauri has again been appointed as the executive vice-chairman of the organization.

The woman researcher, who has pressed sexual assault charges against Pachauri, has slammed the decision to re-appoint him as vice-chairman. She said the decision to promote him was shamefuland made her ‘flesh crawl’. She has vowed to fight her case until it reached ‘a logical conclusion’.

In an open letter, the 29-year-old former TERI employee said that the decision by the governing council was ‘disgusting’ because it put Pachauri in a powerful position despite ‘grave criminal charges’ pending against him.

The letter claims that even though a plea seeking Pachauri’s suspension was with the High Court of Delhi, TERI’s governing council held a meeting around the same time because the “man was looking to maintain his foothold in TERI”. “It was around 3 October, 2015, that I first heard of this,” she writes, “from some current and former colleagues.”

She alleges that two board meetings were convened within one month which was unheard of as TERI’s council meets once every year.

The complainant also detailed the methods used by TERI’s senior staff members for targeting her friends in the organization, to intimidate and use them as a medium for out of court settlement.

After an FIR was filed against him in February 2015, Pachauri had resigned as chairman of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and from the Prime Minister’s Climate Change Council but had stayed on as TERI head. In a complaint filed in February 2015, the complainant had alleged that Pachauri was influencing the probe and hence should step down from all responsibilities at TERI.