Winter at the Terrace cafe


triveni-cafeFor decades, there used to be a little yet lively canteen in the premises of Triveni Kala Sangam. While the art gallery remains a much-favoured haunt among artisans, lawyers and art lovers for its eclectic exhibitions and heritage, the canteen thrived on its own. Now the canteen has been upgraded to the simultaneously lively and serene terrace cafe. With changing times, a cafe in such a haute location was imperative. Opened in last January, the cafe attracts 250-300 clients every day.

If you are looking for a nook to spend a few sober hours, Triveni Terrace Cafe is worth a try. The bitter-sweet Apple ki Pakodi, mouth-watering chicken biryani, chicken curry, steaming chicken kebabs, snacky Doodhi Nu Muthiya and rich raita come with flavours that will tantalise your taste-buds. The cafe’s charm lies in diverting you from the daily grind by literally giving you food for thought.

Triveni is much more than just a cafe as its a place far off from the regular hot-spots. This ‘Kala sangam’ expresses the reality of life, from food, paintings, dance, greenery to the whole lot of imagination that your mind will start digging on as soon as you enter this beautiful place.

The soothing atmosphere gives you time to have peace from the outside rush. People are always marked on que to get seats, but there is no problem, as ample space is there which will satisfy your wait till you jump on to the food.


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