‘Will push for Climate Justice in COP21’: Prakash Javadekar



Prakash Javadekar, India's environment Minister
Prakash Javadekar, India’s environment Minister

In an online interaction with various stakeholders, Prakash Javadekar, the environment minister, said, India would push specifically for climate justice in the climate change conference, to be held in Paris. “We have 60 islands under threat in our country; it is the poor and poor countries that are suffering. Therefore, we want climate justice”, he said.

“COP21 not about questioning the developing countries but about the developed countries walking the talk,” said Javadekar. He also pointed out that the developed world had pledged $100 million (Green Climate Fund), a promise that is yet to materialise.

Pointing out, that India’s contribution to pollution was merely 3 percent, yet it had pledged a significant cut in carbon emissions, he hailed the country for taking the lead ahead of the climate change conference in Paris, slated for November this year.

“India, though not a part of the problem, wants to be a part of the solution in combating climate change; we are movers and shakers of the Paris accord,” he said.

The minister said that, India does not want Paris to fail. He also referred to French President,  Francois Hollande’s statement, that unless the developed world commits more finance and technological support, Paris can be a failure. “I think, with this warning, coming from the French President, who is the host, the developed world will come out with more reasonable proposals”, he added.

By following the path of sustainable development, the minister said, India would give rise to more employment opportunities. “We have settled upon 50 skill-sets that will support our mission to make India green and clean,” said Javadekar. The ministry will soon announce opportunities for citizens to receive training for these skills that will supplement the government’s efforts to adopt sustainable development.

The other panelists in the talk included, Sameer Saran, vice president, Observer Research Foundation, Abhilash Khandekar, Dainik Bhaskar, Viva Kermani, a social media voice, and Deeksha Katyal, a professor.



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