Will Himachal CM Be Branded ‘Anti-National’: Sena Asks BJP


VIRBHADRA_singh2Shiv Sena has questioned if the Bharatiya Janata Party would label Himachal Pradesh’s chief minister Virbhadra Singh “anti-national” for opposing the proposed India-Pakistan T20 World Cup cricket match in the state.

In an editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, Sena said, “Virbhadra Singh has opposed this cricket match in his state. This opposition is not political and neither is it religious. This opposition is for the country as many families of slain jawans reside there.”

Sena asked,”If he (Singh) thinks that holding a match will be a disrespect to the martyred soldiers, will you (the BJP) label him an ‘anti-national’ and hang him for this crime?”

Singh had said that the state government cannot ensure security of players and the game should be shifted out of Dharamsala to respect popular sentiments after the recent Pathankot terror attacks. He also asserted that
that welcoming Pakistani players on Indian soil will be a “disrespect to the martyred soldiers”.

Sena further asked, “Will playing the cricket match stop farmers suicides in Maharashtra and other parts of the country? Will there be peace in Jammu & Kashmir? Will our soldiers be safe on borders? Will pro-Pakistan slogans stop?”

Warning the BJP of people’s ire if it goes ahead with the match despite objections, Sena futher said Pakistani investigation agencies coming to India to investigate the Pathankot attacks is an insult to soldiers and that though the government has changed, Pakistan appeasement has not ceased.

“We have a very straight question to ask…we may not know much on foreign policy and maintaining relations with neighbours, but if this match does not happen, will all hell break loose? Will appeasing Pakistanis suddenly get us all the black money stacked abroad?” questioned Sena.