Why Sonu Nigam should not have tweeted in favor of AAP, exposing half truths of media

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

It is not such a secret anymore that media in India has become a joke. Most media houses are either owned by the corporates or political parties through complicated and twisted family chains which inevitably end with the marital alliance of family names with big money and important connections. Particularly, since the advent of the BJP government lead by a pro-reliance Prime Minister. It was no surprise that many reputed media firms saw drastic change-of-hands immediately after the election results were declared.

Given the state of press freedom in India, it is rather expected of media houses to lash out against those who utter sentiments that are not supported by the management. Poor Sonu Nigam is just the latest victim of holding political opinions of his own while being associated with a media house owed by a man who has been steadily benefitting from his alliance with BJP and Narendra Modi for the past quite some time.

So dear Sonu Nigam, even though you are far from politics and would only tweet to support your friend Kumar Vishwas, you seem to forget that Subhash Chandra of Essel Group is rather a bit too involved to let your sentiments go by without drastic action. In this case by banning you.

But then, didn’t you already see it coming? Didn’t we all already see all of this coming our way when we happily voted for BJP last year? I blame the Tata Tea Jaago Re campaign and other such “social awareness” programs which urged us all so passionately to vote and made us all feel that our decisions were important for the well-being of India. It totally seems to have backfired against us.

I doubt if the masses of this country really understand what it means to make informed decisions. We are more the emotional kinds who would believe all kinds of sentimental nonsense anyone comes and tells us. And if it’s coming from an impoverished chaiwala then that’s it. There can be no other PM.

And if anyone of you have been following the Zee Network- Narendra Modi love affair then you already know all that I’m about to write below.

It was on a Zee TV interview that NaMo unleashed his highly powerful image changeover PR stunt with mesmerizingly intelligent sentences like “I’m not a robot. I’m a common man. I too have my weaknesses…” and “To those who have received messages about my secular credentials, I request them to come visit Gujarat and live here for 10 days. My actions speak louder than words.” Of course it had to be Zee.

After all, Subhash Chandra is quite special to PM Modi. In 2011, during the Vibrant Gujrat inauguration ceremony, the Essel Group chairman addressed the huge gathering, speaking about the various MoUs they were signing with the Gujrat government while accessorizing his speech with praises for the “unique Narendra Modi” and likening him to Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

Though these praises might have seemed like a way to continue the freeflow of future MoUs, it’s striking to observe that, it brought Chandra more than business. By 2014, Subhash Chandra was an aspirant for a BJP ticket from Hisar. Even though the party finally decided to field Kamal Gupta instead, Subhash Chandra issued a seried of statements during the time conforming his support and assistance to the Hisar constituency irrespective of who gets the ticket. “We had already decided on August 30 that amongst the two of us, whoever gets the ticket we shall help each other in the election.Now since the party has given him the ticket I shall help and support him by all means in the election in Hisar,” Chandra was quoted.

So those who are protesting the injustice meted out to Sonu Nigam in this dying democracy of India, please don’t forget that the problem is rather deep-rooted and won’t solve if you find another trending topic to tweet about tomorrow. Please, for Sonu Nigam AND for all of us, continue this. This is the right time and possibly the last chance to speak up.



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