‘Why doesn’t SRK raise funds for 26/11 martyrs?’


Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut tells Kunal Majumder that Shah Rukh Khan should not dance to Pakistan’s tunes

Sanjay Raut
Photo: Saamana

What is your problem with Shah Rukh Khan now?
Shah Rukh lives in Mumbai and is an Indian citizen. Everybody knows the kind of relationship India has with Pakistan. All terror activities that are taking place in our country originate from Pakistan. When people in Mumbai were taking part in memorial services for those who lost their lives in the 26/11 terror attacks, this gentleman planned to dance at a show organised by a Pakistani channel in London on 28 November. This is an insult to the martyrs and the country. When his own country is mourning the loss of so many lives due to terrorist attacks from Pakistan, he was planning to dance for a Pakistani channel. He should be ashamed. The Congress government gave a lot of protection to the theatres where Shah Rukh’s films were being screened and to his house, so he thinks he has become a very important person.

Would you have protested if Shah Rukh’s last name was Sharma or Singh?
No, there are no issues with his surname. We would have still protested if it was someone else. It has nothing to do with caste or religion. If you recall, we had protested when Mahesh Bhatt did something similar. His surname is not Khan.

Shah Rukh was just planning to help raise funds for the flood victims. Is everything associated with Pakistan evil?
This is not about flood victims. We have flood victims in Assam, Odisha and Bihar. Why hasn’t he organised musical shows to raise funds for them? Why hasn’t he raised money for the 26/11 Mumbai martyrs? So many places in our country are flooded all the time, why doesn’t he help us? We understand that on issues like floods, there should be no politics. But after Pakistan was flooded, the Indian government had offered help but was rebuffed. The reason was because India is considered the enemy. Pakistan doesn’t want to take help from our government but wants help from Shah Rukh. And he wants to help. This is a serious matter.

We can understand that you might have problems with Pakistan because of 26/11. But why does the Shiv Sena want to get the burqa banned? Isn’t the demand against the spirit of the Indian Constitution?
The issue of banning the burqa doesn’t have a religious angle. For the past couple of years, women dressed in burqas have kidnapped many children from government hospitals in Mumbai. Most of them might not even be Muslims but they use the burqa to commit this heinous crime. All over the world, questions are being raised about the utility of the burqa. It is not linked to religion. Muslim women don’t want to wear the burqa. Progressive Muslims don’t want the burqa.

Popular reality television show Bigg Boss 4 continues to have Pakistani participants. Has the Shiv Sena come to an agreement with the producers of the show?
No, we don’t have an agreement with them. There were two participants from Pakistan. Begum Nawazish Ali has already left. Veena Malik would also leave soon.

When will the Shiv Sena, as the principal opposition party in Maharashtra, raise serious issues such as land scams?
Terrorism from Pakistan is not the Shiv Sena’s personal issue. It is a national issue. Our party is committed to raise issues that affect the common man. The Assembly session has just begun. We will certainly raise our concerns about the Lavasa and Adarsh land scams.


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