Why Baba Ramdev rejected Cabinet Minister rank offer?

Man in the middle The probe against Baba Ramdev is not motivated, says Sibal
Ramdev refuses cabinet rank offered by Haryana government. Photo: Vijay Pandey

Spiritual leader Ramdev rejected to accept a cabinet minister status offered to him by Manohar Lal Khattar–led Haryana government.  The yoga guru said he would rather stay a “baba”. Ramdev promised to promote yoga in the state by training one lakh youngsters and opening 10, 000 yogi centers across the state.

The guru declined the offer during an event in Sonepat, he said, “I’m a sanyaasi, service to humanity is my only objective, I’m not looking for any ministerial position or status. I want to serve you by remaining a baba and a fakir.”

On April 13, the BJP government had announced that it would give the spiritual leader the status of cabinet minister. The decision was announced by education minister Ram Bilas Sharma.

Earlier, the government had already made Ramdev as state’s brand ambassador to promote yoga and ayurveda.  The government also claims that the motive to give Ramdev the status is to enable Ramdev to develop herbal forest in the state where plants of thousands of species of ayurvedic herbs would be grown under his supervision.


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