‘Who says Bollywood Isn’t known for melodrama?’

Abhishek Bachchan
Abhishek Bachchan, 37, Actor

You grew up as the child of a superstar. How does that bode for bringing up your daughter?
We were never made to realise that we were special kids or even that our parents were these huge stars. At home, we were just a normal family. And that’s exactly how Aishwarya and I intend to do with Aaradhya. She will grow up with the same values, principles and morals both of us were brought up with.

Being a father, is there a role you wouldn’t do?
I’m an actor and my job is to do whatever I believe in. But thanks for putting that thought in my head. Now I’m going to think about it all the time. Being a father has changed me but I haven’t viewed it from a professional perspective, yet.

You received a lot of appreciation for comic timing in Bol Bachchan. Is comedy what you’re most comfortable with?
As an actor, you need to be comfortable with whatever role you do. That’s part of your job, to make it look effortless. I take it as a compliment if people think I’ve made it look easy. It means I’ve managed to convince them all.

What variation will you bring to your role in Dhoom 3 ?
None at all. Isn’t that refreshing to hear? It’s the same old Jai Dixit, and the same old Ali. Uday (Chopra) and I joke, it’s like Jai and Ali’s latest adventures — Jai the dogged cop, Ali the bad guy. They’re both never going to give up, and that’s about it. Dhoom, for me, is like comfort food. Once in a while you come back, do your job and move on.

You have played effeminate characters in Dostana and Bol Bachchan. How would this stereotypical imaging affect gay men in India?
Some roles need to be a bit larger-than- life. Who says Bollywood is not known for its heightened melodrama? The script demanded that the role be played in a certain way. It was light-hearted and meant no harm.

What do you feel is the most overrated virtue?
That’s the best thing about virtues right, they’re never overrated.


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