Where humans are butchered and cows worshipped


soaked in blood

Hi there, if you are looking for a humour today then this is not the right article for you. The moment I saw a picture of a bleeding man pleading for his life, my amusement ended. So, you may flip pages and turn to pun as this time it’s not fun here.

While there is an official list of animals that cannot be bought or sold for slaughter through cattle markets, do we also need to have an official order that guarantees human beings won’t be beaten to death?

In the last few weeks, we have seen a lot more hue and cry over cow slaughtering than human lynching. Do we need more protection to animals than humans?

Do we need more protection to animals than humans?

Do we need an official listing for animals which are not allowed to be slaughtered or do we need a listing of severe punishments for those who take the law into their hands and dare to kill fellow humans?

The heart-wrenching photo of Mohammed Naeem in Jharkhand has raised numerous questions for us to sit and answer one by one. How easily you believe into the criminality of others that you forget to even have the benefit of a doubt? How the hypocritical voice of your head becomes so loud that it manages to silence even pleads of the dying man who is soaked in blood?

And the gravity of the situation is that this inhuman behaviour is not shown by a serial killer but a group of normal people who themselves must be playing a role of father or brother in their lives.

Naeem, the father of three tried hard to convince them that he is innocent but nobody listened and lynched him anyway. Nobody came to save him and nobody tried to even investigate if he is the culprit they are looking for.

While Naeem is not the only one who was beaten to death in full public view, a 32-year-old e-rickshaw driver was also lynched by a group of 15 youths in New Delhi. And this time too nobody came to help Ravinder Kumar, the deceased who was beaten to death after he objected to two youths urinating near a metro station in North Delhi.

3-H-CO4I wonder how instantly gau rakshaks or cow protectors reach to protect cows even if they are safe with their owners and just traveling from one place to another. Why aren’t there any human protector groups? Why gau rakshaks and not insaan rakshaks? No wonder, police is rarely seen reaching on time. Not until a live human is converted into a dead body.

While innocent humans are being butchered in the most painful way in the recent time, there is also uproar over cow slaughtering and beef export lately.

According to a news report dated back to 2015, despite new bans on cow slaughtering, India stays world’s top beef exporter in the world. However, an argument can be made that beef overs buffalo meat also.

Wikipedia says, most Hindus respect cow for her gentle nature. This represents the main teaching of Hinduism, which is not to harm to an animal (ahimsa). Now, going with this philosophy, if the main teaching of Hinduism is ahimsa (non-violence) against animals, then why this teaching is not practised to protect buffaloes or humans?

Rooted deep in the blood of many of us, hypocrisy has become a prevalent reason of brutal killings in our modern society.

The recent case of calf slaughter has given ample amount of fodder to the politicians to talk to any length for their political gains. While Law Minister and senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that public slaughter is against the Constitution, which seeks to prohibit cow slaughter, many Congress leaders are also seen speaking up against the crime committed.

While India is seen making new laws against cow slaughter giving birth to new controversies, we are yet to see new amendments, strict laws and efficient policing to safeguard many precious innocent human lives.

I am not questioning which issue is more serious than the other- cow slaughter or human lynching, what I am suggesting here is to contemplate upon the reasons why cow slaughter is banned and use those reasons to prevent violence against a human.

Yashica Jalhotra is heard murmuring- gai hamaari maata hai par humein kuchh nahi aata hai (Cow is our mother but we don’t know anything.) Send her some new verses at letters @tehelka.com