‘When you project yourself as a sex object, you will be treated like one’


Dusaundhi, 72, of Bisrakh village, tells Brijesh Pandey that scantily-clad girls are inviting trouble

Dusaundhi, 72
Dusaundhi, 72

The recent gangrape of a 17-year-old girl in Noida brought back horrifying memories of a similar incident three years ago when 10 boys waylaid a car in Sector 18, took the occupant to a nearby village called Ghadi Chaukhandi and raped her. Dusaundhi, a village elder from Bisrakh, located less than 5 km from Ghadi Chaukhandi, says the culture divide is the reason why rapes are happening here.

Who is responsible for rapes?
One of the biggest problems that we are facing today is that while the boys are well-behaved, it is the girls who have gone astray. The boys are fully clothed in trousers and shirts. Even in movies they are properly dressed. But look at the girls, they are so scantily clad that it’s shameful. That kind of dressing is so bad that it is hard to tell whether they are wearing anything or not. When you project yourself as a sex object then you will be treated like one.

By your standards, even if a girl is not wearing the right kind of clothes, does it give anybody the right to rape her? Are you trying to justify what happened in Noida?
Girls who come from other places are misleading our children. They are destroying our values. They wear provocative clothes. If you live and dress modestly then our children will also behave. What is Noida? Much of it is still rural. You can go around our village and see for yourself. The girls here are always in the correct attire. How many rapes have you heard of in these villages? Not even one.

So it is the girls who are at fault and not the boys?
It is not that the boys first kidnapped a girl and then raped her. It is never like that. The girl willingly goes out with them and later on when things don’t work out the girl makes all kinds of allegations against the boys. The boy is forced to do it and later blamed for everything. In the recent case, we have read in the papers she used to drink with the boys. When you behave in such a manner, these kinds of things are bound to happen.

What else do you think is responsible for such crimes?
Two other big reasons for such crimes are mobile phones and TV. Mobile phones have given a lot of freedom to these girls and that’s why they are behaving in a wild manner. The programmes on TV are so bad that I think for every rape and similar sort of crime, they should first arrest TV producers for polluting the minds of the youth. English films should be banned completely.

Brijesh Pandey is a Special Correspondent with Tehelka.
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  1. What the hell is this old fart saying !!!! I say if a girl says you raped her…castrate that fucker…thats it….the minute rape word is used…castrate the guy…anyways India’s population is exploding…these f**ktards should not be allowed to reproduce and create more devils like themselves. Which girl in her right mind will fake a rape allegation? His children need there peckers cut off….period.

  2. i am glad tehelka approached this citizen to know his opinions. instead of outright slamming of his opinions, it would be better to rope in all kinds of views and look at a comprehensive solution to the problem at hand. that said, i would like to ask this man if its fair to attack young women on the road after seeing scantily-clad actresses on the tv. i mean why punish ordinary women on the road for the choices made by some other women in the glam world? and its besides the point that we’re none to impose our opinions on bollywood actresses or any individual for that matter as long as they dont harm our lives directly.


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