What’s not so good about the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone


Samsung_GalaxyS6Some time has passed since Samsung released its flagship smartphones Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge in the Indian market. The reception has been very positive and Samsung will be patting itself on its back. The smartphone underwent a total overhaul, and not simply a cosmetic one, although the handset has undergone a radical physical transformation.

This is all very good, but there exists certain aspects of the phone that will undoubtedly irk users after the initial period of appreciation. The first and largest of these niggling problems is that users who possess the 32Gb model will only have 23Gb of space to use.

That 9 Gb is huge reduction, especially in conjunction with the absence of an SD card slot, the second issue with the Galaxy S6. Every smartphone user knows how quickly and stealthily storage space can be consumed on a device. Buyers of the 64Gb model have an almost laughable cut of 50% in storage space, with bloatware being the culprit.

The HTC One is also guilty of this, and the manufacturer blames the Android Lollipop OS for the reduction in storage space.

A considerable advantage Apple holds with its iPhone is the feature of replaceable batteries which, unfortunately, the Galaxy S6 does not.

Well, technically, that isn’t true. The S6 manual offers a step-by-step guide on how to remove the battery. One of these steps involve heating the back cover of the phone with a heat gun. Which is tantamount to being unreplaceable for the general buyer who values their phone.

These issues are small, albeit persistent, issues in the grander scale of things. They won’t diminish the overall quality of what is quite a good smartphone, but it’s certain that users will sigh and grumble when they have to delete apps from their phone just so that they can add a few songs.



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