‘What scares me is that if Modi comes to power, he will brook no dissent’

G Raghunandan | 23 MTech Student, Udupi, Karnataka
G Raghunandan | 23
MTech Student, Udupi, Karnataka

Who should be the prime minister? The very idea that a single person could hold such a big office, with so much power and responsibility, scares me. I see no one who has impressed me enough to be the prime minister of the country. But on an individual level, Medha Patkar, who has joined AAP, is a good option. I know that she is a good person and I have faith in her.

I am not happy with any political party, but I am sure that I don’t want the BJP to win. My stand is that I will support any party other than the BJP, because I feel communalism is more dangerous than anything else.

While I think secularism is the most important issue, I am a student and when I pass out, I want a job. For me, employment generation is a big issue, but Modi or no Modi, I don’t think the situation is going to get any better.

What scares me the most is the BJP’s campaign because it is very effective. They have used every possible mechanism to reach out to the people. Modi really knows what he is doing. What scares me is that if he comes to power, he will brook no dissent, which is very dangerous. Everyone should have a right to their opinion. Though I don’t support any party, NOTA is not a good option. I think voting is very important, but we should also get the right to recall our representative if they aren’t delivering. That will give more meaning to our votes. It will ensure that they have to live up to their promises.

As told to Avalok Langer


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