What Muslim leaders think of the Muzaffarnagar Riots

Riot victims take refuge at a makeshift camp at Islamabad Shahpur in Muzaffarnagar. PTI Photo
Riot victims take refuge at a makeshift camp at Islamabad Shahpur in Muzaffarnagar. PTI Photo

Maulana Matinul Osama, Vice President Jamiat Ulama i Hind, UP 

Why only Muslims, all sections of society had high hopes from the young chief minister and they were confident that he would usher in a new era. Now that has been shattered and we feel betrayed. The CM is blaming the opposition parties and the communal forces for the communal riot in Muzaffarnagar and the adjoining areas. These forces were there and will always be there, but what was the government doing, why were they caught napping. Why did it fail in performing its basic duty? What can you expect from a chief minister who has no control over the bureaucracy and the police administration, and cannot make them perform?  Akhilesh Yadav owes an explanation to the people that while he took seconds in suspending Durga Shakti Nagpal, the young women IAS officer, what action has he taken against the officers who failed to control the communal inferno, and the army had to be called out in three cities simultaneously. This has never happened in the past. So far there is no instance before us where this CM has demonstrated his administrative competence. The Muslims in particular have lost faith in the present chief minister and the Samajwadi Party. Very little time is left for the parliament elections and the CM has six months to perform, otherwise the people of UP would never forgive him and his party.

Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadir, Head of the Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Barawan Sharif, Siddarth Nagar– 

The Samajwadi Party government has singularly failed in controlling the riots. Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav seems to have run out of ideas. He now smells a conspiracy behind the Muzaffarnagar riots to destabilise his government. What has he got to say about the over three dozen riots in UP, which occurred during his tenure of last 18 months.  Instead of blaming the opposition parties and the communal forces he should perform. I do not want to be harsh on the CM, but I cannot stop myself from saying that Muslims have lost faith in the Samajwadi party and its government. Even in our worst imagination, we had never imagined such an incompetent and non performing government.

 Shahid Siddiqui—Former Rajya Sabha MP 

Why only Muslims, all sections of society are very unhappy and disillusioned with the Samajwadi Party and the chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. Muslims are angry with the CM, for the simple reason that such a large number of communal riots have never occurred in UP, in a short span of 18 months.  The communal violence in Muzaffarnagar and the adjoining areas will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the Samajwadi party. Mulayam Singh Yadav must realise that he can no longer blackmail the Muslims by creating the horror of the BJP and Modi. The politics of fear and blackmail is now irrelevant. The Samajwadi Party claims that its heart bleeds for the Muslims and it is the only savior of the minority community in UP. What kind of savior is the Samajwadi party in UP, where the Muslims are living in constant fear to their life and property and their houses and commercial establishment are looted and destroyed.

Hafiz Nomani, Political Analyst – 

I hold all those Muslims and their leaders as idiots who once regarded and those who still consider Mulayam Singh Yadav to be the sole messiah of the Muslims. Mulayam has no commitment for anything, “Koi Deen Dharm Naheen Haiu Uska, vo keval Saudaagar hai”. Hajipur in Muzafarnagar is the village of my Naani (maternal grandmother), with a population of over 5,000 Muslims. The village is surrounded by the Jat dominated villages and my maternal grandfather was the Chaudhary of the area and the usual exchange of pleasantries with the Jats was ‘Jai Ram ji Kee’. The Samajwadi Party government has destroyed the social fabric in the area which survived even the communal frenzy of 1947 for its narrow political ends. Come what may the Muslims in UP would never go with the Samajwadi party. But the larger question remain, where will they go, they have tested all the political parties.


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