What Are We Doing To Our Kids?


To begin with, hear the story of one child. On 17 December 2012 — just one day after the gangrape of a young paramedic in New Delhi shook the world — a three-and-a-half-year old baby girl returned from school with her clothes streaked with vomit and blood.

Her father, Gagan Sharma (name changed), had moved from Kolkata to a slum in west Delhi in 2003 in search of a better life. The little girl had been listless and reluctant to go to school for weeks. Now, when her mother asked her what had happened, she told the story haltingly, riven by fear.

She spoke of a bald man — the principal’s husband — who had threatened to hang her from a ceiling fan if she dared to open her mouth. She spoke of how he had taken her to the bathroom, made her lie down, and inserted his penis and fingers into her vagina and her anus, blaring music in his room to drown any noise. She spoke of how he had done this to her many times before, forcing her to keep quiet by saying terrible things would happen to her parents if she talked about it.

The girl’s mouth was full of ulcers from a drug the alleged perpetrator — a man called Pramod Malik — had forced her to take to render her unconscious while he raped her. Read More>

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“Sexual Abuse Interrupts The Developmental Phase Of A Child”

Anuja Gupta, Founder and Executive Director of RAHI Foundation, a support centre for adult women survivors of incest and child sexual abuse (CSA), speaks to Nupur Sonar about the long term effects of child sexual abuse on survivors. Anuja is also a counselor and educator on incest and CSA.  Read More>

cRape: The Horror Doesn’t Cease

The protestors are out on the streets of Delhi again. In December, post the gruesome gang rape of a 23-year-old medical student, public anger had bubbled out into days of sustained protests which led to the Justice Verma Committee recommending changes in our laws in order to better protect citizens against sexual assault. The Anti-rape Bill was passed in Parliament last month against this backdrop. The fact remains that despite the country-wide outrage, despite the protests, despite the committee and the amendment of the laws, the horror doesn’t cease. Every single day brings a new case to the fore, each more horrific than the previous. Read More> 

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What would call a father who rapes his own daughter? A monster? A pervert? A despicable human being? If news reports are anything to go by, the cases of such Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) committed by a parent are on the rise. Including this snippet that was flashed recently. Read More>

Child_Abuse1‘Every Child In Our Country Deserves The Right To A Happy Childhood. And Let’s Give It To Them — Untroubled’

DON’T KID ME!… that’s exactly what I replied to the SMS from a friend who announced in absolute joy, “Hey, the Child Sexual Abuse Bill has been passed by the Lok Sabha.” I ignored the message and drowned into my laptop. Then I received another message from another friend, saying, “Congrats buddy” and then another and another. I thought there must be some truth to it. I decided to investigate. I Googled and landed on Aamir Khan’s interview about Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Bill 2011, being passed by the Lok Sabha. I streamed the interview repeatedly to confirm if what I heard was indeed true. And yes, it was. I could hardly contain my emotions. I became a puddle of tears. I am someone who has been through 11 long years of sexual abuse in my childhood. Abuse by a male relative. Though I don’t mull over it much and see it as just one challenge in my life that I won over in my own way, I can’t deny that I did spend a lot of time in my childhood watching my friends play as I stood at the stands with no confidence to stand with them shoulder to shoulder. I can’t deny that those are some precious years that I would never get back.  Read More>


  1. The solution will only be in being a part of the process….increasing the social noise about rape , making talking about it an urgent talk rather than a hidden comment… Also legalising prostitution will do a lot more to crush out the pimps and middleman.
    It is urgently necessary to come out of this shithole of keeping things taboo…It may nt be blatant but only frank truth just like the father of our nation , will take us through…..It is high time we stop this great India and Indian family myths and see ourselves in the mirrors….It is better to destroy coyness and our idiotic customs than brutalise our children…To hell with this junk called honour. I will keep a gun in my daughters hand the day she holds a pen

  2. Please stop raping your children. I told you to stop on August 24 1982 at around 3 P.M. and repeated my message in 1997 and 2008. Why are you ignoring my very clear instructions in this matter? Honestly, you Indian people can be quite thick at times.

  3. this is just sickkk… the slution lies in collective efforts… and not only at executive, judiciary or legislative level but at household level… more often than we think the abusers are from family or neighbourhood. spreading awareness about sexual crimes among the children and providing them psychological support at home and schools will lead to more children speaking up at right time. police reforms and more sensitivity at police, media and social level is required. most importantly, kids should be taught whats right and wrong at home, they should be taught to respect others and women especially.

  4. What a shame? what is the government doing for safety of women. I think its time that we citizens should come out and screw the bastards don’t wait for any law makers or any body to help.

  5. Sol 1: Need to kick the fat @ss policemen and give them severe punishment for negligence.
    Sol 2 : Females should wear modest clothing. Tight clothes attract evil..if anyone found wearing ass-bulging/boob trolling clothes, she should be taken mental asylum ASAP.
    Sol 3 : If found guilty nothing less than death penalty to men for raping.

    Problem solved…


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