We will sit in opposition: JDS

HD Kumaraswamy Photo: KPN
HD Kumaraswamy Photo: KPN

Bangalore, May 8 (PTI): Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda led JD(S), which had hoped to play the role of a kingmaker in Karnataka, today said it would sit in the opposition.

“..if people have blessed us to sit in the opposition, we will sit in the opposition,” JD(S) state President and Gowda’s son H D Kumaraswamy told reporters, as the results of the 5 May Assembly polls came in.

The JD(S) won two seats and was ahead in 39 others.

Kumaraswamy, whose party has not only retained its base intact but also eaten into the ruling BJP votes, said, ” .. we will surely sit in the opposition and will safeguard the interests of people.”

“We will accept the defeat. The people have directed us to sit in the opposition,” he said.

Kumaraswamy angrily rejected suggestions that the JD(S) had an “internal understanding” with the BJP. “..where have we supported the BJP? Where we have entered into understanding with BJP?

“That’s why I am telling it’s the victory for media. Not Congress. Media only influenced the people,” he said, showing annoyance with a section of media, for repeatedly projecting that the Congress would emerge victorious in the elections.


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