We support India’s bid for UN Security Council membership: US envoy



The US on 13 July said India was a global strategic, political and economic player and assured of supporting New Delhi’s aspirations, including its bid for UN Security Council membership.

He was speaking about the recent developments, including the announcement of resumption of Indo-Pak talks on key security and economic issues and PM Narendra Modi securing commercial and energy deals during his five-nation Central Asian tour.

Addressing the IIT-Madras students, US Ambassador to India Richard Verma said the US wanted India to play a ‘leadership’ role in Paris at the climate talks and “we have welcomed and saluted its their in humanitarian response — from Yemen to Nepal to the Maldives.

Verma said this is the new normal, India as the global strategic, political and economic player. We welcome that role and will continue to be supportive of India’s aspirations.

Incidentally, his country ‘turned’ to India to help evacuate its citizens from the strife-torn Yemen, he said, adding, it wasn’t not a regional power, but a global one.

Strategic and economic cooperation were among major areas of its focus, he said. “Yudh Abhyas, involving the US and Indian armies will be held in September at Washington, which will help US and India to forge common understandings on battlefield tactics and strategy.”

“The US and India look forward to the day when secure phone lines are set up between US and India thereby opening channels of communication,” he said.


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