‘We need strong laws’


Is Meghalaya ready to face a terror attack?
Recently, we met Chief Ministers from all over India and discussed the law and order situation after the Gauhati blasts and the Mumbai terror attack. In general, we take the whole situation very seriously. We have to strengthen the police force and we have to put forces in villages and cities and at all junctions. We will have to check the entry of outsiders and even people from our own state. The police will also have to be more vigilant.

Can MPDA curb terrorism?
We have to implement the existing laws under IPC and, if necessary, the MPDA. We need to strengthen and modify the existing legislations according to changing times.

There are complaints that the MPDA is being misused.
How can you misuse a law like the MPDA? We will have to work as per the existing guidelines and rules. Any allegation is examined by the police and the District Magistrate. If baseless, the person will be released.

Don’t you think that the MPDA is a harsh law?
We need strong laws. Meghalaya probably has the strongest laws in the country today.

But is Meghalaya comparatively more peaceful?
Compared to some other states, Meghalaya is more peaceful. Some problems have been created by outsiders like the coal mafia and traders. There are also illegal migrants from Bangladesh.


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