We are Tracking Industrial Emissions 24×7: Javadekar



Over 920 industrial units have placed real-time pollution monitoring devices on their air and effluent discharge points, in compliance with the directives of the Environment Ministry. “It is a major reform that we are getting minute-by-minute data on the emissions by these units,” said Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister, Ministry of Environment , Forests and Climate Change.

The data of emissions by these units and their common treatment plants is being monitored online, twenty four by seven, by the Central Pollution Control Board. “In case a deviance is noticed, an SMS alert is sent to the concerned company to take corrective measures,” said Javadekar.

Speaking on the sidelines of a press met, the Minister said that these were part of the 2800 units that were identified under 17 critically polluting industries. Besides, these units, which have installed real-time pollution monitoring systems, 400 other units have moved to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) policy.

Moreover, upcoming units in distillery, textiles tannery, chemicals, fertilizer, pesticide, dyes and pharmaceuticals will be required to install pollution-monitoring devices and follow a ZLD policy.

Saying that cleaning the Ganga was essential to achieving the government’s vision of a Swachh Bharat , Javadekar added that, the 630 units operating on the banks of the river have been included under the pollution- monitoring mandate.

“The waste of 440 units belonging to tanneries will be treated in common effluent treatment plants (CETPs),” he added. The Ministry has also planned an up-gradation of the CETPs to move towards ZLD.

A scheme to use the recycled water from the CETPs, with 50 percent subsidy by the Centre, 50 percent by the state and industry, is also in the working. “The rest 80 units have installed these monitoring systems, while 30 are in the process of doing so,” said Javadekar.


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