Visiting Taiwan MPs delegation: China lodges protest with India


indian-chinese-flag-india-china-730x461China lodged a protest with New Delhi, after a parliamentary delegation of Taiwan visited India, asking it to deal with Taipei-related issues so as to maintain sound China-India ties.

China used its state media earlier on February 15 to warn New Delhi that playing the Taiwan card is akin to “playing with fire”.

It may be noted China is still hurting from US President Donald Trump’s pro-Taiwan and anti-China statements and is afraid its other rivals will go the Trump way.

“We hope India will understand China’s core concerns and stick to ‘One-China’ principle and maintain sound India-China relations,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang.

“For long, India has wanted to use the Taiwan, the South China Sea and Dalai Lama issues as bargaining chips while dealing with China,” he said. China considers Taiwan as a part of its province and protests any contact with Taipei by those who have diplomatic relations with it, he added.

The Modi government has been advised to play the Taiwan card by using the ‘One-China’ policy to make China endorse ‘One India’ policy. By challenging China over the Taiwan question, India is playing with fire,” said a column in Global Times.

“High-level visits between India and Taiwan are not frequent, so why did India invite the Taiwan delegation to visit at this time?” asked the Global Times.