Vijender Singh unperturbed by rival Hyuseinov’s threat of routing him emphatically



Vijender Singh
Vijender Singh

Bulgarian Samet Hyuseinov, has sent a warning to his Indian rival Vijender Singh, ahead of their forthcoming bout. He has promised to send Vijender Singh back to India “beaten and broken” come 19 December. But  the Indian boxing star  is unfazed by the challenge thrown at him  and merely breaks into laughter at the very mention of the threat, saying, he would respond in kind inside the ring. Speaking  from Manchester, Vijender (75kg) had said, he has increased his sparring sessions ahead of his third bout and is focussing on endurance and power.

“How do you respond to such threats? I can only laugh, let him say what he feels like. He has all the freedom to say what he wants. But I talk only in the ring and in a language he will understand quite well,” the former Olympic World Championships bronze-medallist said.

It may be said that Bulgaria’s Hyuseinov is the most experienced rival of Vijender’s nascent pro career so far, having fought 14 bouts and winning seven. But the 30-year-old Indian is least perturbed by the latter’s record and is confident of turning it his way .

“If he is experienced, than I am no less. I am an Olympic medallist. Obviously he is more experienced in the pro circuit but I am experienced enough not to be affected by it,” he said. “My USP is that I hardly ever get worried. I know it’s my job and I will be facing up to a variety of people, so I don’t get too affected,” he added.

Talking about his training, Vijender said, not much has changed apart from the increased frequency of sparring sessions.
“My focus is on endurance and power and for that I am sparring a lot more. I have longer sparring sessions against guys who are competing in WBO. So, I get thrashed a lot but all of it is helping me,” he said.

“But after the bout I am looking forward to a nice new year celebration,” he said, signing off.