Video: Table tennis player assaulted by coach caught on CCTV

tt coach player scandal
Screen-grab of the incident.

 A  shocking sports scandal  has come to light after a CCTV footage showed a table tennis coach and a girl player getting involved in a physical confrontation outside a hotel room in Andhra Pradesh. A man later identified as the coach of the table tennis team, appears to be dragging a player out of her room. The girl is seen struggling. Shockingly , other girls were seen coming out of the room as well.  This  footage was recorded on December 26 involves a junior table tennis team from Chhattisgarh, who was participating in a championship in Andhra Pradesh. A total of 16 players from Chhattisgarh went to participate in the tournament.

Following the uproar an initial inquiry was done, and the Chhattisgarh State Table Tennis Association has suspended the coach. The player was also suspended, but no apparent reason was given.

“The matter reached us yesterday and a three-member committee has been constituted by the Chhattisgarh Association to find out the truth. It will file a report in three days,” TTFI Secretary Dhanraj Choudhary told PTI.

“I myself have seen the video and there is nothing indecent in it. The secretary of the local association resigned taking moral responsibility but no girl player or anyone has complained about anything. Since this matter reached the local association through media, they have decided to pursue the matter,” Choudhary added.

Watch the video of the incident below:



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