Vicky Malhotra may take over Rajan’s business, CBI in Bali on 29 October



Vicky Malhotra, who is Chhota Rajan’s trusted aide, is likely to take over Rajan’s business. This change, officials said, may lead to many gang wars if Dawood tries to stop Malhotra.

Malhotra has been Rajan’s associate through thick and thin for the past two decades. His loyalty to Rajan did not falter even when Rajan split with intimates such as Ravi Pujari and Santosh Shetty after the attack in Bangkok in 2000.

In 2005, Malhotra was arrested from outside Ashoka Hotel in Delhi, but jumped bail in 2010. He is learnt to be travelling between Dubai and Africa. Interestingly, Africa is a new hunting ground for Dawood.

Giving the business to Malhotra is seen an attempt to thwart Chhota Shakeel from gaining supremacy in Mumbai underworld.

Explaining, an official said Rajan—during the time when he was cornered by Chhota Shakeel—contacted intelligence officials in April and May. The pressure grew worse in July after the operation b D Company.

Meanwhile, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) team may reach Indonesia on 29 October to begin the process of deportation. According to a CBI officer, it common for the Centre to form a team comprising officials of CBI, Mumbai police and central intelligence agencies. The source said the team will leave for Bali in the “next two days”.

He said due to the sensitivity of the process involved and the fact that Rajan faces threat to his life, the CBI will disclose details only when it is correct to do so. Everything is being done as per the law.


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