Varun Gandhi leaked confidential, defense secrets: US-based lawyer


Varun GandhiBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Varun Gandhi was honey trapped by a arms dealer Abhishek Verma into revealing defense secrets, alleged a US-based lawyer.

According to media reports, C Edmonds Allen in two letters sent in August and September backed with CDs and photos of the MP with foreign prostitutes in compromising positions to the PMO. One of the letters reads that Verma blackmailed Gandhi, then a member of the parliamentary consultative committee on defence, as well as some others.

Swaraj Abhiyan leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, who made the letters public, said their aim was to show how both Congress and BJP colluded with each other in compromising national security interests.

They said that the war-room leak case, Rs 18,000-crore deal inked in October 2005 with French firms for six Scorpene submarines and the Rs 59,000-crore deal for 36 French Rafale fighters, were all inter-linked. Allen’s letter to the PMO dated 16 September 2016 has also names of top former commanders of the air force and navy for conspiring leaking sensitive data. One of the officers has also been accused the Navy War Room Leak scandal of 2005.

While this was so, rejecting the charges as baseless, Varun said he would quit politics forever if 1% of the accusations was true. Gandhi also said that it was an open secret that the defense committee is not privy to confidential information.

Verma, who had gained notoriety as a middleman in Indian defence deals before being arrested under Official Secrets Act, also denied them.

They alleged that Verma, son of a former Congress MP, was the middleman in the Scorpene deal but the then UPA government had buried the case. The NDA government when it assumed charge in 2014 also did not pursue the case.