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Raj Kumar had Russia. But Akshay Kumar is cooler because he has been invited to represent Canadian tourism in India by the Canada Tourism Commission. Wait, does this mean he will tell Indians that Canada is a cool place to go to? Wait, we thought everyone knew that already. Wasn’t Canada the one saying that they want to review their visa policies to Indians? Never mind, perhaps we are just confused. Perhaps it is just like those supermarket vouchers. If you make 10 films in our country then we will make you an ambassador. If you make 20 films in our country then we will make you Prime Minister.



In pages such as these we live for pretty girls. And some pretty girls live for pages such as these. It’s all very mercenary but it’s summer. Ask us in a few months and we may repent. Right now, we are happy to tell you that you can watch the lovely Ms Bruna Abdullah in I Hate Luv Storys. The movie starring Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan is eminently confusable with that other Sonam Kapoor movie, Aisha. But perhaps the hope is that it will be set apart by the sexy Brazilian. Certainly, there is no other reason for reporters to be asking her for dating tips. Bruna rose to the occasion. She told the reporter she believes girls should play hard to get, never chase the man and also try and get to know the man before entering a relationship. Let us be grateful for pretty girls.



Could it be that Sherlyn Chopra has hit a glass ceiling? She of the ‘I love my heart-shaped, plastic-surgery mauled backside’ has announced that she is uncomfortable with frontal nudity. She ran her nude pictures on Twitter as a test, she says. Now the people have spoken, she says, and they disapprove. Chopra brings to these specious press releases a confidential quality. As if she is your college roommate testing her parents’ boundaries. You expect to have her walk in any minute, kick her shoes off and crib that ‘people are so narrow-minded’.



So we were prepared to giggle (and do a little bit of sneering) because he had, while reviewing an Ian McEwan Solar book, said fondly that McEwan’s narrative structure closely resembled his forthcoming book. But journalist-turned-novelist Manu Joseph surprised everyone at the launch of his much-hyped Serious Men by being funny and even charming. Now, if only he’d hate the ladies a little less.

‘I need to have total control of situations’

By Sharanya Deepak

Anusha Dandekar, VJ

psychologiesWhat was it like growing up in Australia? Did you feel at sea when you first moved to India?
Growing up in Australia was incredible. I absolutely love the beach. Initially, when I came to India, I missed my house back home — the shift from my parent’s bungalow to a tiny apartment wasn’t easy. But it is in Mumbai that I met my closest friends and the people that I love. I loved every part of my journey here. I have always been an independent person, so I did fine.

Do you think drugs are necessary to experience an altered state of reality?
I am open to almost everything… but drugs are one thing that I am totally against. I think that having control over your mind is a blessing — so many people are born without it. It is sad to pop some pills for a few moments of happiness. I would rather go skydiving.

What is your deepest fear?
To lose my eyesight, because I love to see the world and I can’t imagine living in darkness, without colours. I also hate war because in one way or another it is responsible for pain, and the concept that violence can eventually lead to peace.

Is there something you hate about yourself?
Yes! I hate my nose, but I won’t ever try to change it. I can be a bit of a control freak. I always need to have complete control of any situation. Sometimes I wish I could just let things be and relax. I tend to be over affectionate. If I like someone, boy or girl, I’d do anything for them!

Would you agree with the Beatles when they say: All You Need is Love?
Love is necessary. But for a happy and functional relationship, it is not enough to just love someone. Compatibility is important. There are a lot of practicalities that come with it. When I was younger, I used to think that being in love was the end of the world. I loved the drama that came with it. But now it’s more than that.


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