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Less Is Mori

There is something charmingly retro about Barbara Mori’s situation. Remember those movies in which the younger sister is hidden when the ‘boy’ comes to see the elder sister? Or politicians who, close to coalition formation stow away their MLAS? Paying homage to these traditions is Rakesh Roshan, producer of Kites and father of hopelessly hot leading man, Hrithik Roshan. Mori is stowed away safely in ‘abroad country’ until the release of the film. If your dil maange Mori, you must make do with her brother.


Okay cupid Zinta is back

It’s Uncomplicated

This week we had the cheering thought that when we are old, Preity Zinta is going to be around, perky, irascible and hopefully growing into more obvious eccentricity. Mostly, this has come from her return to the public eye thanks to the abominable IPL. Zinta is tweeting like a budgie on speed and you are grateful for some manner of personality. Others are grateful too. Men, we mean. Zinta, once an incorrigible maneater, is apparently back on the dating circuit and with her old cheery vengeance.


Pulling Strings

It’s so difficult when people insist on being virtuous. We have been due a Sonam Kapoor fix and she refuses to oblige. Instead she is trying to save little birds from the cruel, sharp manjas— the glass-coated kite strings. You could make Masakalli jokes but that would be just lame. Console yourself with the look on Maharashtra’s Home Minister RR Patil’s face. He is the unlikely person she has appealed to ban manjas.


Academic Question

Were the cockles of your heart warmed by Paresh Mokashi’s Harishchandrachi Factory, the Dadasaheb Phalke biopic? This might do the trick — Mokashi has got a bunch of offers from Hollywood. The Marathi filmmaker is scouting scripts. On the shortlist — a story about a poor family and its struggles in the city, and a sci-fi plot based on a script by scientist and writerJayant Narlikar. Harishchandrachi Factory was India’s Oscar entry this year. An odd flash of memory took us to 1998 when Shankar’s Jeans was sent to the Oscars because it had ‘a song shot at the seven wonders of the world, featuring the eighth wonder Aishwarya Rai.’

‘I Am Contemplating Marriage At The Moment’

Zoya Akhtar, Filmmaker.

Zoya Akhtar, Filmmaker.

What is your earliest childhood memory?
I remember being in a room with yellow wallpaper and my brother lying in a crib in a corner.

From your own experiences what has emerged as a litmus test for love?
I think it is being in a long-distance relationship. Distance is tough to handle.

If you had to go back in time and apologise to someone, who would it be?
That would be this friend of mine whom I had hurt a long time ago.

If you had a choice, who would you be reborn as?
I’d choose to be reborn as myself as I feel I’ve led a fairly happy life till now.

What is the one thing that would make you contemplate divorce?
Divorce? Well I am contemplating marriage at the moment!

What is the one thing about you that you would like to change?
That would definitely be my short temper. I wish I could change that.

What are the occasions that you find yourself thinking homicidal thoughts?
When I’m stuck in the middle of a bad traffic jam, cars honking indiscriminately makes me very angry.

At a premier, an eminent filmmaker asks you what did you think of his film — which did not live up to your expectations. Are you honest or diplomatic?
Usually, I’d be diplomatic. But if the particular filmmaker happens to be a close friend, I’d tell him the truth.

On a date, what would be a deal-breaker?
If the guy eats my food, it would be a sure deal-breaker.

Amrita Madhukalya


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