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We Will Always Have Cannes

It may take a little while to find out what Freida Pinto is capable of. As of now she is sitting pretty. She’s been cast in the Woody Allen movie You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger along with Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Naomi Watts. The Bond girl rumours have lapsed and been replaced with Pinto’s desire to have a singing career. But all that is in the ephemeral future. We can check her out in Julian Schnabel’s Miral, a film about Palestinian women in Israel. Schnabel, of The Diving Bell and Butterfly fame, must be excited about the film kicking off meaningful conversations about the Middle East in Cannes. We, of course, will be merely focussing on Freida’s red carpet appearance.


Wardrobe Functions
Aishwarya Rai returns. Photo by Anshika Varma

Nightmare Revisited

The utterly terrifying London Dreams by Vipul Shah has not faded from our collective memories. Somewhere there is a holocaust memorial to the hours lost to its insanity — Salman Khan, bad music, simulated blow job et al. But be warned — swiftly coming in your direction like Godzilla is Shah with his next film, frighteningly named Action Replay. Starring Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai.Have we said enough? Don’t go yet. There’s more. Rai changes 125 costumes in the movie because her character is obsessed with clothes. On a side-note, we want to know what happened to Ranjitha, Ash’s Ravan co-star, after her unfortunate appearance with Swami Nityananda? Are her scenes in the film on or not?


Kitchen Confidential

Ever wanted to know what Lisa Ray eats? This might be your opportunity. Along with the 102 cast and crew members of the Dilip Mehta film Cooking With Stella, Ray has contributed to a commemorative cookbook. Mehta insists that this is not another spices-and-my-mother’s-recipes movie. “It’s a social satire,” he says.


Shahjahan Travels

Bengali author Shankar’s classic Chowringhee has just been shortlisted for a Foreign Fiction prize organised by the British newspaper Independent. Chowringhee, a novel set in the fictional Hotel Shahjahan, is over 50 years old. It has been popular ever since it was first serialised in the Bengali weekly Desh. A 2009 English translation by Arunava Sinha led to its rediscovery by a whole new generation and non-Bengali readers. And now perhaps readers abroad.

‘My First Girlfriend Ruined My Life’

By Aastha Atray Banan


Imran Khan, Actor
Photo by Vijay Pandey

What is the best thing about being a celebrity?
Lots of things. You can be inappropriately dressed and arrive late. I take full advantage of it at restaurants and clubs. Nobody has ever refused me a table.

How has your definition of the ideal relationship changed over time?
I think the major change is that I have discovered that there is a lot more practicality involved. It’s not always romantic and ideal like we believe. For example, the first girl I loved, when I was 16, was someone that I was sure was the one from the first time I saw her. But she completely screwed me over and ruined my life. While with my fiancé, Avantika, there were no sparks involved. But our relationship has grown organically.

Would you judge somebody if they were cheating on their spouse?
Yes, I would, because it’s wrong in my head. I live by a very strict moral code, and don’t allow room for all this, be it for me or anyone else I know.

If you ever found out your partner had been cheating on you for some time, how would you react? Would you make a scene or just cut off all contact?
I would end it right away and walk out. I wouldn’t wait to hear any explanation, because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you thought, and what you felt, the fact is that you did it. An action is the most relevant thing. You have to take responsibility for your actions.

If you found your colleague was trying to steal focus from you in a movie, what would you do?
I would be very forgiving up to a point, but I would let it be known that I know what is happening. And then when it gets to be too much, I will get everyone concerned in a room, and then will just urge everyone to say what they feel right then. The issue will have to be thrashed out in front of everyone.


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