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Here we are barely able to get from day to day and there is Celina Jaitley managing the demands of her career and her causes. Here is what the last few days in her calendar look like. A demand that the Central Zoo Authority transfer captive elephants to sanctuaries. A protest against Bombay Gymkhana after they bizarrely threw transgender activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathy out while she was speaking at the club. Attending an Egyptian artist’s new show. And also leaking the news that she has been asked once again to work in a humungous international film project, starring John Cusack.



Damsel in de-stress mode
Fatima Bhutto


Fatima Bhutto has been all over India this week promoting her book, Songs of Blood and Sword,which outlines the violent events that claimed many members of her family. It is difficult for even the most cynical to feel entirely unmoved by the compounding of tragedy in her life. Or so we thought until we heard her at a Delhi event. Seconds after she had recited her saga, an elderly gentleman in the audience shot up asking how Fatima would guarantee the safety of Sania Mirza in Pakistan once she married Shoaib Malik. Next, a woman stood up and said (in short) that it was only her prayers keeping Fatima from meeting an untimely end. Bhutto was astonished and then sarcastic, her flippancy sadly bouncing off her interlocutors.



If you are a fan of Sendhil Ramamurthy who plays the geneticist Mohinder Suresh in Heroes, then you can look forward to the new Gurinder Chadha movie It’s a Wonderful Life. The film features Shabana Azmi as a mother whose obsession about getting her daughter married turns her homicidal. Wonder if even Mohinder’s Shanti Virus can cure Chadha from making big fat wedding movies.




This week Kerala saw the opening of its first multiplex. While inaugurating the Kochi cinema, young actor Prithviraj was hopeful of multiplexes turning the ailing industry around. Even his euphemisms were enjoyable. “Going to a cinema with family has become an ordeal worse than scaling Mt Everest which is why most family audiences opt to stay off the cinemas during the initial days of a release.”


Compiled by NISHA SUSAN

‘I Think Monogamy Is Overrated!’


How has your definition of the ideal relationship changed over time?
When I was younger it was all about the chase and the excitement of the chase. It takes little to entice you at that point — a pretty face seems like enough, but eventually you find you have little or nothing in common with the person.

If you had children, would you raise them any differently from how you were brought up?
My parents decided to just love me and hope everything turned out for the best. I wouldn’t pressure my kids to do well, but a sound education is necessary to make an individual. I would let them learn or take part in any and everything their hearts desired!

If you were to come home and find your 13- year-old rolling a joint, how would you react?
I don’t think I would be a reactionary or holier-thanthou kind of parent at all, but I think 13 is too young for that kind of experimentation. At 13 you can’t distinguish between the effects of the drug and that of your own mind. So I would definitely discourage him from trying that again, at least until he is of age.

Which of your parents do you feel has proved to be a stronger role model for you?
My mother, because she is absolutely selfless and a complete team player. I have never heard her speak ill of anyone. I tell her that she was born with a purer soul than others!

How would you react if your partner was cheating on you?
I think monogamy is the most overrated idea for human beings. A relationship has to mean more than sex, and so simply a physical betrayal shouldn’t be enough to shatter everything you feel for that person. After an initial emotional response and perhaps many months of being apart, I think I’d be able to understand their point of view.

What’s the best and worst thing about being a celebrity?
Being a celebrity satisfies a very basic part of your ego that wants to be recognised and be famous. Celebrity status can distract from your final creative goal.



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