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Compiled by Nishita Jha

Watch my back Paoli Dam
Watch my back: Paoli Dam

Not Giving A Damn


Alright Paoli Dam, we will watch Hate Story. Not because director Vikram Bhatt insists that it is India’s first “erotic” film (may we suggest renting a copy of Utsav from your friendly neighbourhood DVD store, Vikram?) Not even because PR-bots are screaming themselves hoarse calling you the new Sharon Stone. We will watch your film simply so that you can stop saying things like “I wish Husain sahab was alive so that he could paint me wearing nothing but a heart-shaped pendant.” Word has it that you are eager to learn the ways of Bollywood. So here’s your first lesson: shedding clothes does not a muse make.



Anil KapoorU-Turn

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Just when you think you know someone well, they say something that completely throws you off. Anil Kapoor recently told journalists that films should not rely on self-promotion and should deliver great content instead. To rewind, this is the same man who inexplicably referred to himself as “the real Slumdog Millionaire” at the Oscars, proceeded to jostle several child-actors out of the way to get his paws on the statuette and christened himself “Hawllywood’s newest discovery”. Here’s wishing Kapoor would go the Mr India way and stay out of our sight for a change.


A story Worth Telling

If we made a list of the things we loved about Kahaani, Bob Biswas would be right up there after Ms Vidya Bagchi. Actor Saswata Chatterjee brought new meaning to the banality of evil, as the contract killer with a deathly boring desk job. Rumour has it that director Sujoy Gosh is planning to give Biswas a full-fledged spin-off TV series, and we’re waiting at the edge of our seats for this one.


Poonam Pandey ‘We are private detectors’
Poonam Pandey
(Making us wish female intuition was better at spotting typos)



Cola wars are so last season. This summer, refresh yourself with some healthy competition instead — the latest to join the beverage bandwagon is Kareena Kapoor. Incidentally, the lemonade ad will be Bebo’s 16th endorsement this year, leaving the orange-sipping Asin and mango-caressing Katrina Kaif far behind.