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Under Siege: Meera, Photo: Getty Images

About Turning

The Meera backlash has officially started. But it’s a rather shameful moment to take part in — the same publications that supported Veena Malik’s right to be free of hectoring conservatives two months ago have now undone their good work and decided to vilify Pakistani actress Meera. According to most of the Indian media, she has no reason to speak the truth about her personal life and she has made up an affair with Shoaib Akhtar for publicity. Regardless of the veracity of her affair, this sudden outrage seems to presume that Bollywood’s biggest personalities have never made up affairs for publicity.


Malaika Arora KhanThat familiar Feeling

What distinguishes the excitement of a Malaika Arora Khan item number from the “excitement” of others taking hopeful shots at the genre? Very simply that with Malaika, one can easily sense the presence of someone who knows what they are doing, whereas every new Katrina Kaif item number unleashes relief that she managed three minutes of dancing. So, the next in the apparently endless line of female named, propernouned item numbers is Anarkali in Housefull 2.



Photo: Fotocorp

Sunny Leone’s Grand Bollywood Debut

The Bhatts are always responsible for some of the most swiftly delivered, carefully contemporary Hindi cinema. One of the less obvious pleasures of their movies is the casting. But it’s safe to call Jism 2 a casting coup. First Sunny Leone and then Randeep Hooda, who is quickly making his second and long overdue dent on cultural life. However, the possibility of Mohan Agashe sharing the screen with the Indo-Canadian actress (maybe even play her father?) trumps everything else the movie could sell us.


Karan Johar
‘Kareena is too beautiful to turn director’ Karan Johar (Clearly living in a cave without news of Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut)

Moulin Wrong

Mumbai will host India’s first Australian Film Festival. In itself, this creates no waves other than suspicion of some sort of diplomatic mission on the part of the Australian government to convince Indians they will not be murdered Down Under. But, the news that Nicole Kidman and Baz Luhrmann will come to the festival has sparked a new kind of interest, as well as a renewed dislike of the passing white celebrities. We are hoping, though, that the festival breaks free of any diplomatic mission to give us all sorts of Australian movies.




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