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Kareena Kapoor is too busy for Bhandarkar’s Heroine

Bitter pill for Madhur

What a week for Kareena Kapoor. There was a minor wardrobe malfunction when she was being commended for her fashion. There are all these ads and she didn’t become a top endorser by accident, you know. There’s the boyfriend’s birthday. Now that these things make it to primetime headlines, how’s a girl supposed to organise a surprise party? If only Madhur Bhandarkar would stop sulking and understand. His Heroine will just have to wait.


Beat, pray, love

Amitabh Bachchan Spreads The Fragrance Of Gujarat

If it has been a while since you had a good laugh watching anything, we suggest you check out Amitabh Bachchan‘s ads promoting Gujarat Tourism. Ripe and ready for parodists, the tagline for the ad is Khushboo Gujarat Ki. Word has it that Bachchan floats etherally around Sabarmati Ashram, barefoot and charka-curious. The location — the spot where peace activists and media were beaten up lavishly by the police in 2002 — and the timing particularly prove that no one can fault Bachchan or Gujarat for a lack of chutzpah.


Don To Dusk

We hear Isha Koppikar is saying that she wants to evolve as an actor. How can we pay any attention to that when there is news that Arjun Rampal has quit Don 2 over creative differences? Seriously, creative differences? We know we look gullible but do we look that foolish? As foolish as Rampal singing in Raajneeti? As foolish as giving a National Award for playing a cardboard cut-out in Rock On? As foolish as telling us how good friends Rampal and Farhan Akhtar still are?.



We love shiny prizes. We skip quickly and goggle-eyed towards the ginormity called the Skoda Prize. The automobile manufacturers have announced a Rs 10 lakh prize for an Indian artist below the age of 45 with a sizeable body of work. The judges (three of the final five) are art experts Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, Kavita Singh and the Coimbatore tycoon Rajshree Pathy. And Skoda’s smooth PR segue into ‘two new affordable automobile models, including an entry-level limousine’? Adorable. Really.



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