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Don’t tell us we are supposed to give Katrina Kaif cookies for trying. Sheela ki Jawani from the new Farah Khan movie Tees Maar Khan is doing nothing for us. Someone has to tell Kaif and the choreographers that good intentions do not make item numbers. Nor does talking after about how the song made her shed her inhibitions. All this tells us is that to do what the undergraduate boy/girl achieves with the mere excuse of two diluted drinks and a table to climb on, our leading ladies need a few crores and a posse of spin doctors. Feel our winter depression, please.

Katrina Kaif gives it a shot. Pause for applause


Art is pretty


History of Loss, an installation by artist Sudarshan Shetty has been at the King Edward station in Vancouver, Canada. Part of the Vancouver Bienalle, the installation features multiple dozens of scale replicas of the toy cars Shetty played with as a boy. However, the replica of the Volkswagen Beetle in the installation was stolen, distressing the city’s people. In Kerala, on the other hand, left wing art lovers express themselves more directly. Having decided a university garden’s topiary shaped like a mermaid is vulgar, they chopped off the breasts and are now content.



BS Yeddyurappa clearly doesn’t think he has been overexposed lately. The Karnataka Chief Minister has genially agreed to play a part in a mythological called Bhooloka Rakshaka. And when we say mythological, we don’t just mean the plot is about the Sabarimala deity Swami Ayyappa. A lot of other details seem rather other-worldly too. Plans to dub it in 33 languages. Plans to have Vijay Mallya in it. Plans to have 50 lyricists work on the soundtrack. Doesn’t it sound more like a record-breaking pizzas than a movie?



Wait, is this year and its lightweight excitement over already? But not to worry. 2011 has some pleasant curiosities in store. Aatish Taseer translated into Malayalam and Pavan Varma into Tamil are only two. Rujuta Diwekar, the health fiend with the acid pen, has a new book out soon — Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha. The second of Sidin Vadakut’s hit comic novel Dork series is also out in 2011. Also, the poems Vikram Seth reportedly browbeat publishers into buying if they wanted a sniff at The Suitable Girl.



‘Pritish Nandy tried to prove I was a love child’

MASABA GUPTA, Fashion Designer

By Aastha Atray Banan

MASABA GUPTAHave you ever been disillusioned with the way the fashion industry works?
I really don’t get the way the fashion industry works. I can’t tell someone that they are looking nice so that they wear my clothes. Models try to please designers all the time, and designers take advantage of models. The situation is bad. I have realised that you shouldn’t get affected and emotionally attached.

Do you get tired when people keep referring to you as Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards’ daughter?
I understood the unusual situation I was in when I was 12. I knew people didn’t approve of that. I remember Pritish Nandy tried to publish my birth certificate to prove I was a love child. People can’t digest the fact that I have such great parents.

Is your idea of a relationship any different from the conventional ones?
When I was born, there weren’t many love children. But I’ve had a great upbringing and have been taught to be grateful for what I have. I am also orthodox. I want to get married at 26.

People think you don’t know Hindi and then say things about you, like — ‘look at her hair, where is she from?’Does it irk you?
It used to irk me. People were bothered about my hair and body type. Now it’s considered beautiful! But I don’t think it’s said in bad taste.

How did 26/11 change your idea of the world?
It just assured me that we have elected a bunch of idiots to run a country. Two years later, we are still feeding Kasab. It’s not about Pakistan or anything, it’s about our country and its flaws. We have many loopholes in our system.


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