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Item of value? Priyanka Chopra
Item of value? Priyanka Chopra, Photo: AFP

Life in a Bubble

As the tickets for Agent Vinod are snapped up, there’s someone who might be going, “Oh snap!” Priyanka Chopra had turned down an offer to perform an item number in the film, causing Kareena Kapoor’s loyal beau Saif Ali Khan to sneer that not many actresses would be able to share screen space with Bebo. Chopra may or may not make up for this missed opportunity by taking on the remake of Zanjeer, but we will have to wait on her Twitter-feed for confirmation. The actress recently mentioned that she prefers not to read the news since it’s “usually about her”. Does that swollen head fit into headlines anymore, Piggy dear?


Discovering The classics

You know that feeling when everyone is discussing the Russians and you haven’t read them yet? And the consequent joy when you discover them? Karan Johar had a similar aha! moment this week, not about The Brothers Karamazov, but about the oldest family in Bollywood. During the shoot for Student of the Year, Johar gushed over Rishi Kapoor, calling him a “versatile” actor, causing us serious concern over what else this Bollywood director’s DVD collection is missing. Hey KJo, have you heard of this cool guy called Raj Kapoor yet?


Photo: Reuters

Prattle Patel

Crossing Bikini Lines

Remember Ameesha Patel? Yes, we didn’t want to go there either, but the producers of Race 2 leave us with no choice. Patel will be starring in the sequel to the Saif Ali Khan-Bipasha Basu-Akshaye Khanna hit, and has been gushing to all and sundry about her role in Abbas Tyrewala’s latest. Patel tells us she will be bikini-clad in several scenes, to signal her commitment to the portrayal of a “sexy diva”. Is Lee Strasberg shuddering at this interpretation of method-acting?


‘There were no boys’ Minissha Lamba (Explaining much more than her lack of attendance at college)
‘There were no boys’ Minissha Lamba (Explaining much more than her lack of attendance at college)The Family

The Family

It may just be that we haven’t seen a gritty gangster film in a while, but we are really looking forward to Mastaan. The film stars Naseeruddin Shah as aged don Karim Lala and his son Vivaan as Haji Mastaan. Vivaan has been warned by producer Sunil Bohra to steer clear of watching Deewar or Once Upon a Time in Mumbai so that his acting stays unaffected. While Bohra’s advice is sound, we suspect the young Shah has enough thespians at home influencing his work already.




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