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Priyanka ChopraLax tax

When we saw flashing images of  Priyanka Chopra in severe dress and severe demeanour we said, “Uh, oh. Legal trouble.” Perhaps it was just the cut of her coat. As the world knows now, the income tax authorities have raided the homes of Chopra and Katrina Kaif.  Reports say that 12 of the premises that belong to the actors have been raided. (How darling ‘premises’ sound).  What boggled our mind is that the report went on to say that the IT department thought they were trying to hide their income. Hello, what were they hiding? They have premises.  Twelve of them.

The ladies


Now we know from the Jaipur Lit Fest that if a writer is hot and articulate sh/e is likely to be Pakistani. For campy fun though, turn towards Pakistani television. Begum Nawazish Ali is still our favourite and that’ll never change, but the wild Ms Veena Malik might climb up in the stakes soon. After taking on Mufti Abdul Kawi and telling him where he could get off, Malik has gathered more supporters from home and abroad. The latest to support her is Miss Pakistan World Annie Rupani. We love international relations, don’t you?


At this year’s Art Summit, we have decided Subodh Gupta is adorable.  We did think of calling him the Shah Rukh of the art world but even our wholly Bollywood-based vocabulary can’t be stretched that much. (Also, we needed a non-lame metaphor that would accommodate his sterling taste in women — witness the vinegary perfection of wife Bharti Kher.)  Also, we’ll admit it. What we really thought was adorable was a crazy exchange where Gupta somehow managed to convince an alarmed Jitish Kallat that the session he was speaking in was almost over.



Two years after convincing everyone, including his publishers and susceptible editor, that the graphic novel is so over, the irascible Sarnath Banerjee has a book out — The Harappa Files.  From a distance it looks like a graphic novel but we don’t want to seem behind the times so we won’t commit.  Also, Savita Bhabhi seems to make a guest appearance.  If you are bored try and make Mr Banerjee come to your town.  Watch him beguile the press into reporting his best provocations with great earnestness. You will never be bored again.


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