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Out-of-the-world Chitrangada Singh

Selling out meets fun

Post-Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and the ensuing retro dreaminess, Chitrangada Singh has now been officially wrenched from our fanciful she-is-so-different gaze. Yes, Chitrangada will star in Krrish 2 and Race 2. Never fear, though, Race 1 has the distinction of being utterly vapid yet super entertaining and she will play India’s first female mutant in Krrish 2. So, instead of wringing our hands and worrying that she’s too mainstream, we will make that solemn, fateful decision: to watch Krrish 2.



Photo: Shailendra Pandey

Past Tense

So, you remember things from long ago?

For those who easily tire of the current format of routine film gossip — X male star is dating this month’s X new model-actress who you’ve never heard of — will be pleasantly surprised by a fraught and suitably nineties story doing the rounds. Director Soham Shah’s casting for a Sanjay Dutt-produced Satte Pe Satta remake has hit stormy waters. After apparently failing to get Aishwarya Rai, Kajol, Rani Mukerji and Karisma Kapoor, Shah prematurely announced Madhuri Dixit for the project, upsetting Dutt. Of course, Dutt is only doing what jilted lovers did in nineties films!

Minissha Lamba Starlets will bite back

Minissha Lamba has shown the world that nothing, not even a 16-hour detention at the Mumbai airport on suspicions of smuggling a necklace, can stop her being as buoyant as ever. Not only does she want to go to Cannes every year, but she’s also pointed out she is not famous enough for people to randomly gift her jewellery. Since then, she has rejected Shobhaa Dé’s stern Twitter warning to all Bollywood wannabes to “dazzle with their talent” and told us that she is flattered by Amul’s ‘Lamba Wait’ pun.

Kites that fly low

Okay, we have found reason No 10,253 for filmmaker Anurag Basu to pause and think before he makes a biopic on singer-actor Kishore Kumar: feeling compelled by the guilt to cast actress Kangana Ranaut as Madhubala. Basu, the director of Life in a… Metro, Gangster and the terrible Kites, says he is casting Kangana because he could not find a place for her in his current project, Barfee. The ridiculous casting drama is helping slightly to distract us from the artistic butchery of a Kishore Kumar biopic.

‘I’m a spiritual person, but not a complete monk’

WHO Daughter of actor Shakti Kapoor, Shraddha made her film debut last year with Teen Patti alongside Amitabh Bachchan and R Madhavan. Having signed a three-film deal with Yashraj Films, she was seen in a leading role in the film Luv Ka The End.  A trained Odissi and Kathak dancer, Shraddha is also an avid photographer

By Saranya Kannan

Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor, 23, Actress

Did your father’s negative roles make you look at him any differently?
At a very young age, my father explained to me that his work was fictional. I was fascinated by my father’s transformation into a completely different person on the sets. His varied actions, personalities and acts enthralled me. I would emulate some of his roles. Initially, my friends were intimidated by him, but once they met him, they loved him!

How did you deal with the transformation that came with moving from Mumbai to Boston?
I was born in Mumbai and studied in Jamnabai Narsee School till the ninth grade. I later shifted to the American School of Bombay and this exposed me to a set of diverse cultures, broadened my perspective and taught me how to adapt to various cultural changes. So it was quite easy for me to adjust in Boston.

Do you think casting couch is a reality every actor in the industry has to be a part of?
Every industry has its pros and cons. I always concentrate on what I need to do and take the right path.

Does spirituality fascinate you?
I strongly believe in spirituality. I believe in leading a simple life. But I also think that there are certain luxuries that you tend to enjoy but you shouldn’t get used to them. Although I’m a spiritual person, I’m not a complete monk. I am not going to say, “Oh! I don’t party, I only do yoga and eat vegetarian food.”

Your latest film aside, if you were cheated in a relationship, how would you deal with it?
Depending on how strongly I feel for him, how deep our relationship is and the connection between us, I’d go after him! If somebody cheats on me, he has completely had it because I am going to give it 110 percent from my side.

How would you describe your relationship with your brother Siddhanth?
When we were young, we fought over sharing our bed. Now we get along like buddies. That space is what united us.


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