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The sizzler:
Sarah Jane Dias

Game on. Game off

Call us Jeremiah and hang us but that trailer for Excel Entertainment’s Game is making us groan. It looks disorientingly aspirational like a CSI Bollywood edition or (if you will confess to watching it) Star One’s Special Squad, featuring hot people wearing trench coats and boots in Mumbai summers. Rock On!!! was astounding enough with its rock wishfulness but thriller wishfulness just slays us. And unlike Rock On!!!, this one doesn’t have Farhan Akhtar to distract us with his sexy neuroses.  Sarah Jane Dias looks lovely but will we care when we have finished wincing at its wannabe-ness?



Date Line

Kashmira Ki Kali

Did you know that Kashmira Shah was a co-writer on that cinematic Yeti My Bollywood Bride? Apart from being married to the producer and doing the lead role, we mean. Right now, though, other little facts about Kashmira are of greater interest. Such as how much skin has she shown in a new topless shoot for a calendar. Such as which way will boyfriend Krushna Abhishek leap when the pictures emerge and the country decides to be shocked (shocked, we tell you, shocked). Abhishek hopes she has not done anything to embarrass the family. “She won’t show me all the pictures. So I don’t really know how much ‘boobshow’ is there in it,” he is reported to have said. Krushna, we believe you.

Amitav GhoshNot Quite Beach Reading

The Goa Writers Association (an enviable conjunction of words), a group set up six years ago, has just produced its first anthology. Of course, the anthology includes a piece from the group’s best-known writer — Amitav Ghosh. In his essay called Anthony Vaz, Ghosh explores his long-term fascination for nautical dictionaries, especially those that relate to Asian seafarers. Other writers in the anthology include architect Himanshu Burte, designer Wendell Rodricks, historians, food writers, travel writers and photographers all united by the theme of Goa. It is available via mail through


Witness the highest exponent of ‘hum bhi hain team mein’. Poor old Colin Firth wins Best Actor for The King’s Speech in spite of all the jokes, parodies and angry reviews. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan issues a statement somewhere in LA where she is being spotted on the Oscars red carpet. The statement to the effect that she was rooting for her ‘dear friend Colin, my costar in The Last Legion’. A film that premiered in Abu Dhabi and tanked everywhere. So now we have to deal with a hundred idiotic items claiming Rai is lucky for Firth! We could think of some people other than King George who’d benefit from some speech therapy.


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