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Veena Malik
Twice the temptation
Veena Malik
Photo:Yogen Shah

Double Dhamaal II

Daal Mein Kuch Kala Hai is an upcoming movie directed by Anand Balraj, but you’re entirely forgiven for assuming it’s a TV serial about a rural woman braving the city. However, it didn’t take much to get us overly interested — the words ‘Veena Malik’ with ‘double role’ helped. And any true and earnest endeavour in the double-role genre requires an item number to juxtapose the wordly risqué twin with the clueless homespun one. As Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn put it, “You never know if that will prove to be doubly delightful or doubly dangerous for the director.”


Sonakshi Sinha
Photo: AFP


Louis Vuitton Is Taking You Nowhere

We have seen alarmingly little of Sonakshi Sinha on screen since Dabangg, so it should please everyone to know she has at least six movies coming up (and maybe more, but we are running out of fingers). Now, Louis Vuitton is taking her to the Paris Fashion Week being held between 27 September-5 October. She has rather improbably convinced us that there are upsides to being a Bollywood star. Her Twitter stream should continue to give you reasons to covet her life.


Life Savings And Believers

All television watchers know that now (as opposed to even a minute in the future) is the time to barricade their sensibilities in anticipation of the onslaught of Big Boss 5Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan are the cohosts, and the difference between the two is bound to be Salman’s you-need-me-more-than-I-needyou strut. Apparently, Rs 300 crore has already been bet on the weekly eliminations. If true, this figure is intensely puzzling. We didn’t realise so many people still believed in the idea of a non-rigged reality show.


It’s A Win Win

We’ve found a conscionable way to buy an overpriced ticket to Ra.One, a way you might not feel like a lab rat in a marketing campaign much bigger than the Lok Sabha elections. Shah Rukh Khan has picked a wide-reaching cause. At a recent event, he said he will spend the next five to six years investing in “public utilities for women all around the country, in small towns and villages”. By public utilities, we assume he means toilets and Shah Rukh will fund the project without industrialists. “I’ll sell my soul if I have to,” he says.



‘Plastic surgery is okay if the plastic is of good quality’

Namit Khanna
Namit Khanna, 26, model
Photo: Fotocorp

WHO Son of an architect and an interior decorator, this 6’2”  light-eyed Delhi boy has an MBA from Kingston University, London. Modelling happened when he signed on with the international agency Elite, and shifted to Mumbai four years ago. Since then he has been a part of major fashion weeks and acted in commercials for Garnier, Nokia and Maruti Swift. His recent show was the 2011 Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive

Is there a childhood memory that you cherish?
Yes, I call it the boy with table manners. I was three. My house in Delhi had a small garden with a swing. I’d sneak outside in the afternoon, sit on the grass and eat mud with a spoon. This continued till my mother caught me one day. She realised how happily I swallowed some worms too.

Coming from an industry that lauds beauty, what is your take on plastic surgery?
If the plastic is of good quality and is recyclable, I’m okay. On a serious note, I think it is alright in medical cases. I don’t think it is wrong as long as it doesn’t become an obsession. I have mixed feelings about breast implants, though.

What has been your most embarrassing moment on or off the runway?
I was at a fitting once, trying on trousers that were tight. I tried to force them on. The result was obvious. The pants ripped apart and everyone was in splits. Male models are fun-loving, and we always have a laugh during the shows, sometimes at the expense of each other!

You have maintained that the fashion industry favours female models over male ones. Why do you think so?
Fashion is a women-oriented industry. Male models do get importance but there is a lot more a designer can do with women. India has a bigger audience for women’s fashion shows where male models are used as fillers. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as there is a commercial side where the guys can play a major part.

Why do you prefer modelling over business?
Modelling gives me time to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do in any other job. I don’t have a fixed office routine. An experienced model can make a decent amount of money in a short time. I travel, meet new people and I’m invited to all major events in the fashion industry.

Garima Jain is a Photo Correspondent with Tehelka


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