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A gift that keeps giving

We are happy to announce Barbara Mori hasn’t flown too far out of the Bollywood orbit. She is back with the oddest of co-stars — Rajeev Khandelwal. Dropping a rung from A-list to just a list might work out rather well for Mori. Instead of being devoured by a salacious media circus, she can focus on making Fever. And there will be lots of acting to do. She plays a second-generation British linguist. Her movie chugs into uncharted Bollywood non-exotic territory. It is to be shot in sleepy, dour Cornwall.

Many languages Barbara Mori


Match Lay

It Was A Kiss That Carried Them Off

We are all for non-prudish, young people’s Public Display of Affection. And all the evidence points to the Deepika Padukone- Siddharth Mallya IPL-rapture kiss being a) real, b) sexy and c) spontaneous. We are just a little puzzled about one thing. What can one celebrate at the end of an IPL match? We had stopped believing that people were genuinely affected by this mercantile enterprise. Perhaps there was another cause for celebration. Perhaps the Kingfisher empire is paying its bills on time… Okay, let’s not dream.


Euphoria Never ends

Yes, it’s another (and yet another) cricketer-actress link-up rumour. If the rumours are true, Riya Sen and Sarah Jane Dias are doing the work of Poonam Pandey, but on a smaller scale. Here is the potential WAG update. S Sreesanth is apparently cosying up to Riya Sen, and the Bengali- Mallu cultural continuum might be the perfect cocoon to nurture their relationship. Then, there is the Virat Kohli-Sarah Jane Dias rumour, which has its eye-candy charms. And no, we are determined not to make puns using the word ‘game’.


MJ’s poor ghost

The universe should have spun off its axis, but it didn’t. Himesh Reshammiya and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton have met, shot a movie together and tweeted niceties. The bizarre and seemingly unconnected pair were hard at work on a film — A *is Killed — directed by Christophe Lenoir. The movie is apparently a slyly allusive Michael Jackson biopic in which Reshammiya plays musician Siddharth Patel and poison-pen Perez, as usual, plays himself.



‘Acting was never really there in the picture’

WHO Son of actors Naseeruddin and Ratna Pathak Shah, Vivaan is a graduate of English Literature and History from Mumbai’s Jai Hind College. He made his debut in Vishal Bhardwaj’s 7 Khoon Maaf this year. Shah is also believed to have replaced Saif Ali Khan in Bhardwaj’s next film Dreams that stars Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra.

Vivaan Shah
Vivaan Shah 22, Actor
Photo: Viral Bhayani

By Megha Narayan

Did being Naseeruddin Shah’s son mean you were treated differently?
I wouldn’t encourage that kind of behaviour. I am not self-obsessed nor do I have any airs about being an actor’s son. I think my parents have instilled in me the real values that a person should possess. They have constantly discouraged being self- obsessed, placing yourself upon a pedestal and other superficial ideas.

So what has a regular dining table conversation with your parents been like?
My parents have a lot of interests. Acting is just one of them. My mom, in particular, used to work in an NGO and has been involved in many social and cultural activities. My dad has been in the thick of the theatre circle, and was also a part of a theatre group. Apart from acting, my dad, at this stage of his life, is also a teacher.

What kind of bond do you share with your siblings Imaad and Heeba?
Although we went to different boarding schools, we connect easily. We have all grown up in one house. Even though Imaad, Heeba and I are involved in our own lives, we see eye-to-eye with each other on a lot of things.

Why were you initially apprehensive about acting as a career?
I always had an interest for acting but wasn’t really drawn towards it in terms of a career option. So, acting was never there in the picture.

So what would be an alternative career option?
When we are in school, we have fixed career ideas like “I want to be an astronaut”. I’d opt for something scientific and research-oriented.

And politics? 
Politics has always fascinated me. My grandmothers were freedom fighters. I have grown up with a political mindset that has been tuned towards leftist views.


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