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High five Karisma Kapur
High five Karisma Kapur, Photo: Fotocorp

Perhaps 3D horror is here to stay, and Vikram Bhatt will continue at its steering wheel. Prepare yourself for this: a woman appears five times in five different eras. She is Meerabai in worship of Krishna, then suddenly at the partition of India and then maybe at Indira Gandhi’s assassination. The movie, of course, is conspicuously called Dangerous Ishq (as if it’s the notquite sequel toLuv Ka The Endand Always Kabhi Kabhi). And here is the last bit of the puzzle — Karisma Kapur will play our 3D era-jumping heroine. A fitting return.




The ever-unfolding script of life

A short, speculative screen-writing exercise: imagine a movie (shot like Erin Brockovich) in which a famous heroine is signed for a glamorous role in which she has to drink, smoke and wear bikinis. Then, she gets pregnant and the movie’s director and producers erupt with rage. A hostile and male chauvinist film industry starts including nonpregnancy clauses in all contracts until the heroine fights for maternity rights, saving the day. Here is the Bollywood-as-villain movie we would love to watch.


Go West for Easy prey

Bollywood too has its own kind of whistleblowing. And it usually involves, paradoxically, accusing actresses who dependably give tabloids stories of being attention seeking. Let’s look at all the speculation about how Mallika Sherawat could possible have pictures with Hollywood men like Johnny Depp and Jude Law. Supposedly, she carries around her own photographer and pounces on the unsuspecting celeb from behind just for a split second — enough time for a picture. And apparently, the public should rage because she doesn’t use proper channels


“I want to sign Maria Susairaj”

Ram Gopal Varma 
(Exhibiting the same impulse as Bigg Boss producers)


No more blue ray

Even after her dramatic fight against near-fatal cancer ended, Lisa Ray had yet to make a screen comeback into our lives. So, we are pleased to know she will appear in TLC’s OMG(Oh My Gold!) a TV show that tracks India’s obsession with jewellery. The show, however, promises to be mindnumbingly addictive, simply because you will feel you are watching a filmed version of your banal marketplace. Congratulations to the show, though, on a Gossip Girl-worthy title and for adding a diamonds-are-agirl’s- best-friend twist to Ray’s life.


‘A kissing scene is not that big a deal’

WHO Pandit is a modelturned- actor, who graduated from Delhi’s Hindu College. He moved to Mumbai in 2002 and worked as an RJ at Radio Mirchi. A brief stint in television had him acting in F.I.R. opposite Kavita Kaushik and hosting Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. He made his film debut in Shaitan that also starred Kalki Koechlin and Rajeev Khandel – wal. Pandit will be seen next in Oscar Ravichandran’s Tamil film Leelai.

By Shinjini Datta

Shiv Pandit
Shiv Pandit 28, Actor

While growing up, what was that one thing about Delhi that fascinated you?
Delhi people fascinate me the most. They can be both warm and shorttempered (laughs). I love the small places in Delhi where you get amazing food. Karol Bagh is one of my favourites.

You have been an RJ, a theatre actor and have now forayed into films. Personally, which medium do you relate to?
All these media have contributed to my persona. In radio, my diction and modulation got better. In theatre, I got the confidence to perform before a live audience. Hosting demands you to be interesting without putting up an act. I think I prefer films!

You are extremely confident. Where does this self-belief come from?
It is essential that I have it. I do not have a godfather in the industry and if I do not believe in myself and my craft then I have nothing left. One has to be realistic, optimistic and patient. But, again, I am not pompous or overconfident.

Is being single an advantage when one is starting out in Bollywood?
(Pauses) I don’t think it really matters what the personal status is. Hindi films do not push actors or actresses to do intimate scenes. At the maximum, it is a kissing scene and it is not that big a deal. If you have a good chemistry with your partner, these things shouldn’t matter.

Have you ever done anything for a film/play that has been outside your comfort level?
If at all an opportunity presents itself, I would take it up as a challenge and would not think twice about what people would say. Once, I dressed up as a transgender and that was a bit difficult. Being an actor, if I am expected to smoke cigarettes or roll joints, I will do that. The morals and principles that I live by are only limited to my personal space.


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