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Anushka Sharma
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Anushka Sharma
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Start the past-maker

Even rumours that might never materialise can tantalise and provoke during their short life. With that disclaimer, if there is even the slightest truth to the story that Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma will star in the slightly ill-fated Bombay Velvet (inspired by Gyan Prakash’s book Mumbai Fables), we would be thoroughly delighted. After initial whisperings of Kay Kay Menon’s and then Aamir Khan’s involvement, we are already interested in how Anushka — with all the zeitgeist surrounding her — would fare in a ’60s role. It might be a good way to counteract the currentness of Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.


Photo: The Times Of India Group © BCCL

The Milk Man And The Maid

Ekta Kapoor, and one shouldn’t read this word gastronomically, has been on a biopic binge. Next up, a picture about the milk revolution spearhead, Verghese Kurien. Before your interest in the prospective movie starts to naturally drop because you feel movies shouldn’t be about lessons in social sciences, keep in mind that this movie is to be directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia of Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster fame. Aamir Khan has reportedly rejected the lead role. We wait, a little confused.

Uday ChopraGo West, Young One

Uday Chopra, star of the before its- time comedy Neal n Nikki, is saying goodbye to films. While nobody is even bothering to pretend it’s a loss, he has become CEO of Yash Raj Films’ foray into financing Hollywood films. Their first fullfledged production will be a movie titled The Longest Week, about a man hit by the recession, played by Jason Bateman, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend’s wife, played by Olivia Wilde. Within the schematics of Hollywood romantic comedies, one could assign a separate self-defeating sub-category to Bateman. A safe, untroubled category that might suit YRF well.

Itemised List

Karan Johar has tweeted the vaguely dismaying news that Katrina Kaif will be an item girl again with Sanjay Dutt and Hrithik Roshan in the upcoming Agneepath. Not just any item girl though — because that doesn’t seem to work these days — but one in the Sheila, Munni, Jalebi tradition. Chikni Chameli to be exact. We had sort of assumed, perhaps naively, that Kareena Kapoor had de facto cultural copyright on all things Chameli. Especially since herRa.One numbers will definitely not make the ‘item songs for posterity’ list.

‘I don’t believe in the casting couch at all’

WHO Born to a Punjabi business family, Kapoor went on to become one of Bollywood’s favourite baddies. His most popular avatar till date has been Crime Master Gogo from Andaz Apna Apna. He has starred in over 100 films. He gained notoriety for being caught in an alleged castingcouch sting operation. He was most recently seen as an inmate in the reality show Bigg Boss, season five.

Shakti Kapoor
Shakti Kapoor, 59, Actor

Do you think putting you in the Bigg Boss house with 12 women and one transgender was intentional?
Hundred percent! That was the reason they tried this gimmick. They thought that Shakti Kapoor would have an affair or do something with the women. On the contrary it didn’t work in their favour because I could handle all the women so nicely, like a family.

How does Shakti Kapoor the family man deal with the Shakti Kapoor as depicted by the media?
The media has started loving me after they saw me in the Bigg Boss house. They say that the man in the house is the real Shakti Kapoor. Now I’m very happy that the m edia has created a different atmosphere. My children are becoming rich, my family is becoming rich and the media is very openly supporting Shakti Kapoor as a gentleman.

Did your parents ever protest against your career in films or about you doing negative roles?
Initially my father did. We are from a business family and we have a shop in Delhi. He said, “why is he doing such villainous roles?” My mother explained it to him that it is a profession. She said that like a doctor goes to a hospital, a teacher goes to a school, the same way your son acts in films where he has to be a bad man.

Had you been a girl and new to the industry, what would have been your take on the casting couch?
Casting couch and rape are two different things. Casting couch is where you promise someone something and you also use that person. That can only be done when the other party agrees to it. I don’t believe in casting couch at all! Had I been a girl, unless I wanted it, it would have never happened. Casting couches are there in all professions, not just films. And everywhere, unless you agree, nobody can use you! That is my funda!

Koshtub Vohra


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