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Jacqueline Fernandez
Time to kill Jacqueline Fernandez
Photo: AFP

Raised from the dead

One would think the point of starring in a movie called Murder 2is that you don’t have to deal with stars from its prequel. Poor Jacqueline Fernandez is being subjected to a most indelicate succession drama. She has to walk a tight line, asserting that she doesn’t hate Mallika Sherawat, star of Murder, but also that she is, indeed, her own person. Fernandez, who doesn’t want to “become a sex bomb”, says Mallika is “fantastically attractive”. Presumably, this is either political correctness or the other starlet rite of passage: talking in detail about the experience of kissing Emraan Hashmi.


Raveena Tandon
Photo: Fotocorp

When in doubt, blame online pirates

If film promoters don’t watch out, we will all be instantly struck with a deep ennui when we hear the word “leaked”. It’s possible the word “launched” has more frisson these days. We really don’t know what to make of all the leaked film stills, songs and clips. The latest “mystery” after Akon’s Chammak Challo is a song inBuddha Hoga Tera Baap called Haal-e-Dil. However, in news we actually care about, Raveena Tandon makes a comeback in the film as Chandigarh ki Kudi. Yes, she has an item number and has said she will be fully clothed.

Sonam Kapoor Righteous anger and cake

Outspoken Sonam Kapoor  has turned 26. And true to form, there have been many happenings to add texture to her birthday week. She has combatively tweeted that Baba Ramdev is a sexist homophobe. Then, she hit back at Ranbir Kapoor, who she thinks hit out first on the show Koffee with Karan. And finally, Shilpa Shetty and her husband gave Sonam a high-end Chanel cake (we didn’t know these existed). Congratulations to Sonam for persisting with a killer combination: frilliness and fierceness.

Noise of the lambs

The new most expensive Tamil film ever, budgeted at Rs 150 crore, has lost its director, Selvaraghavan. Kamal Hasan’s Vishwaroopam starring Shriya Saran and Sonakshi Sinha will now be directed by Hasan himself. Not a move that will keep the egoproject whispers away. However, since hero-driven blockbuster Tamil films are not news in themselves, it’s slightly exciting that this movie is to be based on the Hannibal Lecter movies. Of course, we are still not sure what the Rs 150 crore is for. Perhaps for song sequences when Hannibal escapes from jail? Ideas anyone?

‘I have never been popular with women. That’s comic’

WHO  A stand-up comedian, Vir Das was born in Dehradun. Having studied arts at Harvard University, he went on to perform live comic acts in about a 100 shows in India as well as abroad. He has acted in films such as Namastey London, Mumbai Calling, Love Aaj Kal and Badmaash Company. He will be next seen in Delhi Belly alongside Imran Khan and Kunal Roy Kapoor.

By Nandan Sharalaya

Vir Das, 32, Comedian

Did you feel a certain disconnect with respect to culture while growing up in Nigeria?
Not at all. In Nigeria, you get to imbibe African, British and a host of other cultures. Moreover, as an Indian NRI family, you tend to retain a lot more ‘Indianness’.

When you are paid to be funny, does it suddenly become difficult to act funny?
Not exactly. Five years ago, people would pay Rs 300 for my shows. Now they pay Rs 800. Yes, there is some amount of pressure but in the end, it’s a problem only you can solve.

Sarcasm and humour are often used as defence mechanisms. Is there an insecurity you are trying to hide?
You know, the guy in school who pulls his pants down and does these lame cartwheels in front of the girls is not the comedian, he is the clown. There’ll be another guy who would have conned that guy into doing it for two bucks. He is the real comedian! There’s no insecurity. I have never been popular with women, and that I think is ‘comedy’ by itself!

Could you care less when your jokes are not taken in the right spirit?
I would only care when my jokes are not liked. I’ll go back, keep working on my joke till it becomes funny. Hence, if any of my jokes are offending you, then by all means don’t come for my show. A Sardar once tried to kill me by flinging himself at me. Thankfully, he was 20 rows behind and we sorted it out before it was too late.

If you were to make a movie on a current political situation in the country, what would it be like?
I guess I would make a film on the Commonwealth Games and would play Kalmadi. I’ll make you believe my film will release in June but it won’t. Then July, then August, September, October, November and suddenly by December you’ll figure there’s no film!


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